How to get drops in LoL from watching Worlds 2023

summoner's cup trophy at league of legends worlds championship event

Worlds 2023 starts on October 10 and the biggest League of Legends event of the year is ready to reward viewers with drops for tuning in, but only if they watch on the right website.

Worlds 2023 is a global event where 16 of the best teams in League of Legends esports compete for the Summoner’s Cup. It is the culmination of a year’s worth of work and it’s the one title every player dreams of winning. The overwhelming majority of LoL players won’t ever reach the stage, but everyone has the chance to get something out of the event.

Watching Worlds 2023 is free for all, but there is one way to watch it and earn prizes at the same time. Here’s how to tune into the event and what fans actually get from tuning in.

How to watch Worlds 2023

Fans can watch Worlds 2023 and unlock in-game rewards by heading to the official League of Legends esports website.

The LoL esports website features all the relevant information about the event including the schedule, results, and stats. It also has a “Live” tab that will show up whenever the broadcast is on.

The live tab will automatically select Twitch as the default stream provider. Fans have the ability to change the stream’s language. English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, and Portuguese are some of the options that will be available during the event, allowing fans from around the world to enjoy the event.

How to enable Worlds 2023 drops, dates

To enable the drops on LoL Esports’ website, log in with a Riot Games account. Here’s the step-by-step process.

  • Visit the LoL esports website
  • Click the “Log In” button in the top right corner of the screen
  • Log into an account
  • Watch Worlds 2023 through the official LoL esports site

Every time an interesting play takes place, a card will show up on-screen indicating that a drop has been received. All drops will show up on the “Rewards” tab and will be transferred to the League of Legends account automatically.

Lolesports Login Button

The drops contain event-exclusive emotes and icons. This content can only be unlocked through drops and cannot be transferred to a different account. Drops for Worlds 2023 are available when the event starts on October 10 and are available through its conclusion on November

In previous years, drops had different tiers. The rare drops went to a limited number of viewers per day and included chromas. It is unclear if the rarity model will continue this year.

What can you get from Worlds 2023 drops?

The drops at Worlds 2023 include a number of cosmetics, new emotes, Worlds 2023 Capsules, and 2023 Esports Capsules.

The highlight for Riot Games is a set of emotes that are available to players. Riot describes them as “a stylish collection of emotes and icons…wrapped up into our brand new Worlds 2023 Capsule.”

Worlds 2023 Icon Drops

Alongside the ability to get Worlds 2023 capsules, players have a chance to catch up on some of the rewards they may have missed during the regular season. This is because 2023 Esports Capsules will also be available via drops at Worlds.

How to fix drops error for Worlds 2023

Players can fix drop errors during Worlds 2023 by logging into and out of their account on the LoL esports website.

To fix the error, go to the Rewards tab and select “Opt out of rewards.” Log out and refresh the page. Log back, go to the Rewards tab, and click on “Start Earning.”

This process should fix the issue of drops not showing up. If the issue persists, contact Riot Games’ support team. They tend to be responsive and may be able to help with any drops that have been missed.

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