New Spider-Man 2 costume leaks appear, here are the details

spider-man 2 costume leak

Several new leaks for Spider-Man 2 and the game’s many costumes have just dropped, and it’s an exciting tease for what’s coming for fans of the web crawler.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the most anticipated PS5 games of the year and is set for an October 2023 release. It’s one of the titles potentially being eyed for The Game Awards as a Game of the Year candidate, which speaks volumes for how beloved the first game was and how much hype surrounds the sequel.

Just like its predecessor, Spider-Man 2 features a ton of costumes, each one referencing a facet of Spider-Man’s comic book history and lore. Some of these outfits have already been seen in the previous game, but leaks show that there are some new ones in the mix to get fans excited.

What are the new costumes in Spider-Man 2?

New costumes in Spider-Man 2 include the likes of Miles Mysterio, Miles Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Verse Noir, and many more.

Based on the latest leaks, there are 58 confirmed unlockable outfits for Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Some costumes from the first game return, such as the Scarlet Spider, Spider-Punk, and Raimi Spider-Man. There are also some exciting new outfits, such as the long-awaited Spider-Verse style Spider-Noir. Instead of the more tactical look of the PS4 Spider-Noir, this iteration is more in line with the film presentation.

spider-man 2 miles morales peter parker

As for Miles Morales, there are many more comic book costume options this time around. There are the aforementioned “What If?” outfits, showcasing Miles as Wolverine and Captain America. There are also more Spider-Verse movie outfits, now including the cheap outfit that Miles wore in the first film, and his sleek new look seen in Into The Spider-Verse. 

What is Venom’s role in Spider-Man 2?

Among the costume leaks, there is also a smattering of symbiote offerings, many of which showcase Venom’s role in Spider-Man 2. Peter Parker has the classic black symbiote suit, a more organic Venom suit, and what appears to be an Anti-Venom suit.

Miles Morales also has a few symbiote suits, referencing Knull, Dark Ages, and Absolute Carnage. This potentially means that Miles also gets symbiote powers at some point in the story.

Some of the leaks also alleged the presence of Knull, the eldritch god of darkness and the creator of the symbiotes. This theory has been bolstered thanks to the confirmed presence of Knull’s symbol.

From all of these leaks, it’s clear that developer Insomniac is pulling deep from Spider-Man’s history for its new collection of costumes, and the game will only benefit from such passion and knowledge of the wall-crawler.

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