How to get Pokemon GO World Championship research codes

2023 pokemon go world championship

Pokemon GO players have the chance to unlock exclusive Great League Greatness and DancingRob’s Champion Timed Research codes while watching the 2023 World Championships.

The Pokemon World Championships begin August 11. The event includes multiple competitions and opportunities for free rewards across Pokemon GO, Scarlet and Violet, Unite, and the TCG. For example, Pokemon TCG Live players can earn a hyper-rare Charizard-ex.

Pokemon GO players don’t receive a direct reward but get timed research missions that can yield various prizes. It will feature opportunities for free rewards to viewers of the offical streams across the first two days.

DancingRob Pokemon GO World Championship

How to get Great League Greatness and DancingRob’s Champion Timed Research in Pokemon GO

Players can get codes that will unlock the Great League Greatness and DancingRob’s Champion Timed Research by watching the 2023 Pokemon World Championships. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Follow the official Pokemon GO Twitch channel
  2. On the channel’s Twitch page, scroll down to the “Giveaway” panel
  3. Tune in during day one or two of the competition
  4. Hit “Share Twitch ID” in the Giveway panel
  5. Watch the broadcast for 30 minutes
  6. Claim a code in the Giveaway panel, then redeem it in the Pokemon GO app

The codes will be distributed using an automated system to viewers who watch at least 30 minutes of the stream. To claim their codes, viewers should first ensure they are following the official Pokemon GO Twitch channel. Next, they should tune in to watch the Twitch livestream of the championship.

During the stream, an interactive giveaway panel will be located under the stream. The panel looks like this:

Pokemon GO Giveaway Panel

Viewers will need to click on this panel and follow the prompts to share their Twitch ID, then watch the stream for at least 30 minutes. After, the interactive panel should have a button reading “claim reward.” This gives the player a code which can then be redeemed in the Pokemon GO app’s shop.

Pokemon GO World Championship timed research rewards

The Great League Greatness and DancingRob’s Champion Timed Research rewards include a number of powerful Pokemon for battling, Stardust, an Elite Charged TM, and more.

The day one research is titled Great League Greatness Timed Research and is focused on battling basics, while day two offers the DancingRob’s Champion Timed Research honoring 2022’s champion.

Great League Greatness research allows the recipient to choose from three themed reward encounter teams. These teams include the following Pokemon:

  1. Skarmory, Vigoroth, Swampert
  2. Trevenant, Noctowl, Lanturn
  3. Azumarill, Umbreon, Mandibuzz

In addition to the themed encounters, players will receive 8,000 Stardust, one Premium Battle Pass, one Star Piece, and additional mystery rewards.

Day 2’s DancingRob’s Champion research honors DancingRob, the winner of the 2022 Pokemon GO Championships. Those who redeem this reward will receive one Elite Charged TM and an encounter with a Galarian Stunfisk, one of the key Pokemon that helped DancingRob secure his win in 2022, along with additional rewards.

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