How to get Undertale items in the new Among Us Cosmicube

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Among Us has revealed a surprising set of collaborations, with the game releasing a Cosmicube that includes cosmetics based on A Hat in Time, Celeste, and Undertale.

Innersloth recently revealed that Among Us, the mystery-survival indie title will have a new large-scale collaboration. This isn’t the first time Among Us has collaborated with different IPs and brands but this new mega collaboration is by far the biggest one in the game’s history, tying into a slew of indie titles with Undertale as the headliner. 

The mega collaboration comes in the form of a Cosmicube which features cosmetic items based on characters and iconography from these games. While other games like Mortal Kombat 1 and Street Fighter 6 have been frustrating fans by heavily paywalling collabs is that it’s possible to unlock these cosmetics by using in-game currency, rather than having to pay real-life money for them.

Which indie games are included in the Among Us Cosmicube?

The new Among Us patch brings in many new cosmetics based on popular indie games like Undertale, Celeste, Crypt of the NecroDancer, and Alien Hominid. Below is a list of all of the added collaborations in the new patch.

  • A Hat in Time
  • Alien Hominid
  • Castle Crashers
  • Celeste
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer
  • Undertale
  • Untitled Goose Game

In all, players have the ability to collect 25 hats, 18 skins, 12 nameplates, 9 visors, and 6 pets by participating in this update. 

The most surprising game included in this Cosmicube is Undertale. This is one of just a few official collaborations involving Undertale, with the most notable being a crossover with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that added a Mii Fighter costume based on Sans.


How to get the Cosmicube Undertale cosmetics in Among Us

To get the new cosmetics in Among Us, players must collect 7,000 Beans to activate the Cosmicube before February 28, 2024. The event ends on that day.

Beans are an in-game currency in Among Us that can be used to buy the Cosmicube, which contains all of the new cosmetics. Once the player activates a Cosmicube, it is theirs to keep even after the expiry date, so players can take their time going through the branching paths in the Cosmicube to unlock the cosmetic items in them.

Beans can be obtained by simply playing the game and performing actions like completing tasks, eliminating crewmates, and winning games. There is also a multiplier bonus that players can receive after leveling up that ranges from a 0.5x multiplier to a 5x multiplier. 

After activating the Cosmicube, players have to use a currency called Pods to unlock the Cosmicube cosmetics they want, similar to a battle pass. Pods are obtained the same way as Beans, which is by simply playing the game. Because every Cosmicube has a different type of Pod associated with its contents, players have to activate the specific Cosmicube they want to earn Pods for.

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