Rockstar founder reveals his new studio’s projects as GTA 6 looms

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Absurd Ventures, the new studio of Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser, has revealed plans regarding two new projects as excitement over the reveal of Grand Theft Auto 6 grows.

The company recently filed for two trademarks related to new projects, raising hopes that new games were set to be revealed. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though. The studio described two new projects that aren’t actually games.

The two universes, named American Caper and A Better Paradise, will have distinct motifs and will ultimately come in different forms. While one will be a graphic novel, the other will be debuting as a 12-episode audio fiction series.

What is Absurd Ventures making?

Absurd Ventures is making American Caper and A Better Paradise, both of which will come out in 2024.

The first universe the studio is introducing is American Caper, a graphic novel illustrated by famed artist Simon Bisley, known for his extensive work on comic book antiheroes Judge Dredd and Lobo. This story centers around two American families navigating their way through a world of corruption and crime.

The second universe is A Better Paradise, an “existential suspense thriller set in the near future.” A 12-episode audio fiction series based on this universe is currently in development and is expected to debut in 2024. It is currently being co-developed by QCODE Media, a company known for making narrative-driven podcasts such as Last Known Position and Edith!

The post wrapped up by saying that the studio would be sharing more information about these ventures in the coming months.

Will Absurd Ventures develop any new games?

Absurd Ventures does not seem to be working on video games at this time.

The co-founder of Rockstar Games, Dan Houser, teamed up with fellow Rockstar veterans Michael Unsworth and Lazlow Jones to found Absurd Ventures. Since all three are related to huge Rockstar titles in some way, many fans were expecting them to come out with a new game to capitalize on the GTA 6 trailer hype.

Absurd Ventures recently talked about its plan to release IP outside of just video games, and that’s what it’s doing with American Caper and A Better Paradise. It’s currently unclear whether these two universes will see video game adaptations in the future, but many eyes will be on the studio thanks to the involvement of so many Rockstar veterans.

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