How to unlock all Pride Month items in Valorant, League of Legends

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For 2024’s Pride Month in June, Riot Games is giving players the chance to unlock special cosmetic items League of Legends, Valorant, and its other titles.

Riot has been celebrating Pride since 2021, mainly with free cosmetics. Sometimes it recycles items and other times, it introduces brand-new items. Every year usually contains the option to unlock Rainbow trails and icons or emotes of queer characters. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see what this year’s Pride celebration would bring.

Here’s how players can gain Pride items in different games and even share their own art and memes. 

All Pride Month items in Valorant, League of Legends

Valorant and League of Legends have an assortment of Pride Month-themed emotes and profile items that players can unlock through missions or purchase through the in-game shop.

Here’s what’s available across each title:

  • League of Legends – Emotes, icons
  • TFT –  Past Pride releases, trails, brand-new emote
  • LoL: Wild Rift – Rainbow for All trail, emotes, previous Pride gear, icons, love banner 
  • Valorant – Title card, Pride title, Tactibear Gun Buddy

Riot is also encouraging players to participate and engage outside the game itself through its Community Pride Hub. The site includes a curated Pride-themed music playlist built by Rainbow Rioters and Madge. It’s also seeking submissions of Valorant, League of Legends, and Arcane fan art or cosplay photos that celebrate Pride Month from fans.

Most Pride rewards are available from May 31 until the end of June, though all unlocked items are permanently added to players’ collections.

How to unlock Pride Month rewards in League of Legends, TFT, and Wild Rift

Pride Month game items can be unlocked in League of Legends, TFT, and LoL: Wild Rift by completing events. While Valorant players can simply use redemption code to unlock their Pride Month items, summoners will have to do some light work for them.

Most of the rewards in League of Legends and its spin-offs are unlockable by completing missions, though some have a small cost. Both the main game and TFT missions were added with patch 14.11, and are available until the end of the 14.12 patch. This means players can get League of Legends’ Pride Month items until mid-July.

The LoL main game offers the following items: 

  • Accepted emote (Graves and Twisted Fate)
  • Flex emote (K’Sante)
  • Light Em’ Up emote (Vi)
  • The United emote (Neeko and Twisted Fate)
  • Pride Pengu icons
Pride Emotes League Of Legends

Most of these items can be purchased for one Blue Essence each. The only exception is the United emote featuring Neeko and Twisted Fate. This icon is unlocked by playing in a premade group once.

TFT has a number of different missions available with different rewards. Here are all the missions and their rewards:

  • Tacticians Stand United: Play one TFT match
    • High Five emote
  • Cheer Squad: Equip the High Five emote and use it in a match
    • 25 Star Shards
    • Fireworks – Mint Boom
    • Fireworks – Rose Quarts Boom
    • Fireworks – Sapphire Boom
    • Fireworks – Catseye Boom
    • Fireworks – Obsidian Boom
    • Fireworks – Tanzanite Boom
    • Fireworks – Citrine Boom
    • Fireworks – Rainbow Boom
  • Show Your Colors: Equip a Fireworks boom and play a match
    • 25 Star Shards
    • Dip emote

Lastly for Pride Month items, League of Legends: Wild Rift lets players get items featuring characters like Cait and Vi by completing missions. The Pride Month items are available in LoL: Wild Rift until June 30. Here are all the missions and what they offer:

  • Let the Celebrations Begin: Play one game
    • Got Your Back Icon (Vi and Caitlyn)
  • Cheers with Pride: Play five games with a Pride icon OR play 10 games
    • A Rainbow chest with all previous Pride items
    • Three different icons
    • Three different emotes
    • The Rainbows Lane and Rainbows for All homeguards
    • 50 Poros points
  • Show Up With Pride: Log in on eight separate days
    • Love United Banner

Codes to unlock all Valorant Pride Month items

Valorant players can unlock Pride Month items using redemption codes to get a Gun Buddy, Title, and Player Card. Interested players can use the following codes on the redemption page to gain access: 

  • Tactibear Gun Buddy – CC-VAL24-HEART-BUDDY
  • Pride Title – CC-VAL24-BETTR-2GTHR
  • Player cards – CC-VAL24-PLAYR-CARDS

Pride Month items are available in Valorant until June 25.

Alongside the in-game items, Riot Games is also selling physical merch for its different games in honor of Pride Month.

Regardless of how players plan to game this Pride, Riot Games has been clear: everyone is welcome.

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