Is a PUBG 2 coming? Here’s what PUBG Studios is working on

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds might be getting a successor soon, but is it PUBG 2? 

PUBG sparked the battle royale trend currently dominating the gaming industry, with its success paving the way for titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone. The game remains extremely popular in the grand scheme of the industry, but has fallen behind those competitors in every metric.

PUBG Studios expanded the PUBG universe with PUBG: New State, a mobile-exclusive battle royale set in the northern United States of 2051. Eventually, PUBG studios renamed the game NEW STATE Mobile and distanced it from the PUBG IP. Recent job listings suggest that PUBG Studios has started developing a major project, leading to speculation regarding whether it’s now working on a true PUBG 2.

What is the new game from PUBG Studios?

PUBG Studios is developing a brand-new unannounced IP.

Job listings from PUBG Madison revealed details about the next game from the company. The studio is reportedly “developing an exciting new IP that aims to push the shooter genre forward.” This will include a large map and both PvP and PvE elements in the gameplay.  

PUBG Studios will develop the new IP in Unreal Engine, with the listings specifically requesting experience with Unreal Engine 4 and 5. Although PUBG runs on Unreal Engine 4, several AAA studios, such as CD Projekt Red with Witcher 4, have switched to Unreal Engine 5.

Given the investment into Unreal Engine 5, the unannounced IP may launch the studio into a new era. However, PUBG 2’s place in that new era is uncertain.

Is PUBG Studios working on PUBG 2?

It is unknown if PUBG 2 is in development.

Krafton, PUBG Battleground’s publisher, released its Q3 2023 earnings results in November 2023. The document included the planned releases for 2024. The document did not mention PUBG 2, but the sequel may be under a project codename.

Confirmed titles slated for a 2024 release by Krafton include Dark and Darker Mobile, a port of the early access fantasy multiplayer game of the same name, and inZOI, a life simulation game with multiplayer elements in the same vein as Second Life. 

A new PUBG game entitled PUBG: Black Budget is in development, but this game is not PUBG 2. Instead of a battle royale, the game will be an “extraction shooter” like Escape from Tarkov and Deep Rock: Galactic. PUBG: Black Budget is slated for a late 2024 release. While PUBG 2 may not be coming anytime soon, PUBG Studios certainly has a lot of plans for the future. 

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