Is a Skate 4 open beta coming soon? Here’s the deal

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A social media page claims the upcoming Skate 4 will get an open beta soon and be free-to-play. Are these claims true?

While the Skate franchise never reached the same heights as the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise, the games stood out from the sea of clones with their unorthodox mechanics. Instead of the traditional single-press tricks in other skateboarding games, the Skate series utilized the “Flick-it” system. Players had to use the analog sticks with quick bursts of movement to mimic the maneuvers of actual skateboarders.

These deep mechanics proved popular among gamers and allowed fan enthusiasm to outlast EA Games’ interest in Skate. The Skate franchise only lasted three years before going on hiatus when its development studio, EA Black Box, was shuttered in 2013. Over a decade since its last release, EA announced the revival of the Skate franchise under EA studio Full Circle. Fans hope an open beta for Skate 4 will come soon but it’s unclear if one will happen.

Does Skate 4 have an open beta?

Skate 4 does not have an open beta.

A social media page that focuses on upcoming games claims an open beta is coming soon. However, the page cites no sources and its report of an open beta seems purely speculative. Still, the post garnered hundreds of likes and showcased how excited fans can be for Skate 4 news.  

For fans who can’t wait to try out Skate 4’s early builds, EA currently has a Skate 4 insider program fans can sign up for. Players can participate in closed tests of Skate 4’s alpha builds but are prohibited from sharing videos, captures, or screenshots. The closed alpha build is very early in development, according to playtesters. While an open beta in 2024 isn’t impossible, it isn’t certain with how early into development Skate 4 still is and Full Circle’s quiet approach to the game.

Will Skate 4 be free-to-play?

Skate developer Full Circle confirmed Skate 4 will be free to play.

Creative director Deran Chung believes that going free-to-play was a “natural evolution” of the Skate franchise. While fans worry about EA’s monetization model for the free-to-play Skate 4, they praise Full Circle for their transparency on the game’s development.

Full Circle posts semi-regular updates about the game’s development on Skate’s official YouTube channel. The developers have teased features such as photo mode and an expanded arsenal of skateboard tricks.

Unfortunately, Skate 4 still has no release date. The developers jokingly claim it will come out before 2050 but do not elaborate on a release window. Fans hope they get more concrete news for Skate 4 in 2024. 

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