Is Catherine: Full Body coming to PC and Xbox?

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While PC players are limited to playing the classic version of Atlus’ puzzle game Catherine, signs suggest that PC and Xbox ports of Catherine: Full Body may be on the table. 

Atlus might be best known for the Persona series, but one of the most unconventional games the studio developed has to be Catherine. The studio released the adult-focused puzzle game in 2011 and, similar to other Atlus games, launched a version with extra content titled Catherine: Full Body 8 years later.

While Atlus released the vanilla version on Windows, the PS3, and Xbox 360, it only officially released PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch versions of Full Body. But now there are signs that Catherine: Full Body might finally come to PC, and may even see a launch on Xbox consoles.

Will Catherine: Full Body come to PC?

A PC version of Catherine: Full Body was included in a leaked list of upcoming games.

The infamous 2021 Nvidia leak revealed multiple upcoming PC releases including the Horizon: Forbidden West PC port and other games that hadn’t been officially announced like the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Although Catherine: Full Body was included in the leaked game list, Atlus hasn’t indicated that it is working on the port.

Not all games that were part of the leak have been confirmed, such as the Final Fantasy Tactics remaster. With over three years since the Nvidia leak, fans got their first new hint from Midori, an Atlus leaker who was among the first to report Persona 3 Reload’s existence. The leaker posted a poll on their X asking fans if they would buy Catherine: Full Body if it came out on PC.

It’s unknown if Midori posted the poll as a genuine interaction-based question or a hint that Atlus might announce a PC port. With the vanilla version not being Steam Deck-friendly and specifically named “Catherine Classic,” there are many hints that a PC release of Catherine: Full Body is in the works.

Will Catherine: Full Body come to Xbox Series X/S?

Atlus hasn’t indicated that Catherine: Full Body will come to Xbox Series X/S, but recent precedent suggests it could.

The original Catherine on Xbox 360 is playable on Xbox One and Series X/S consoles through backwards compatibility. While some leaks suggest that a PC port of Full Body might happen, there’s no indication of an upcoming Xbox port.

However, Atlus has been porting its back catalog to Xbox consoles and including the platforms in multi-platform releases. Games like Persona 5 Royal were ported to Xbox, while recent releases like Unicorn Overlord have landed on Xbox. Titles such as Persona 5 Tactica have even gotten a day-one Xbox Game Pass release.

Atlus might simultaneously announce Catherine: Full Body PC and Xbox ports, although it’s unknown when or if that could happen. The PS4 version of Full Body requires players to purchase all DLC separately while the Nintendo Switch version, which came out a year later, has all DLCs included. This could see the Xbox and PC versions be a greater value than the existing PS4 version.

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