Here are the new features in V Rising after its full release date

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After almost two years, V Rising is finally ready for full release and the official launch brings much-needed features and changes including new items and gameplay tweaks. 

Unlike other early-access games, V Rising had a clear timeline for the final release. The early access version already had hundreds of hours of content for players to sink their teeth into. The final release ties everything together and completes the package with great combat, an intriguing open world to explore, and fleshed-out survival features. 

V Rising has seen a major jump in popularity since its full release, and has peaked into Steam’s top 10 most-played games. The game received great early access reviews and with the full release, fans of the unique mix of genres are flocking to the title in droves.

V Rising 1.0 launches with new features

The V Rising 1.0 update brings a new area to explore, a new enemy type, improved visuals, minor points of interest, and more difficulty settings.

Ruins of Mortium is a new biome introduced in the full release; it has 11 new locations for players to explore. The new enemy type, Dracula’s Legion, is introduced along with generals of Dracula’s Court to slay.

Cargo Travelers are scattered around the world and can be ambushed to gain blood and valuable loot. Players interested in Vampire fashion can now experiment with vibrant color palettes and dyes for their armor. 

The V Rising update also adds the longbow and whip as new weapon types. Developer Stunlock Studios changed the spell and ability system to balance it further. New structures, decorations, and castle placements are among the cosmetic changes. The game also adds three difficulty settings, letting players customize their experience. The developers also included gamepad support, which is critical for couch gamers. 

V Rising rises high on Steam 

V Rising sees 95,572 concurrent players on its day of full release, raising it to number 12 on Steam charts. 

The game’s full release drew nearly 100,000 concurrent players within a day of its launch. This falls well short of the 150,000-player peak it achieved during its early access launch, but is an enormous jump from the 4,000 average player counts it had in the days before the update. The game starts like Diablo but quickly introduces base-building and survival features that can keep players hooked.

With fellow vampire-themed title Vampire Survivors cooling off a bit, V Rising fills the gap nicely. The game is also confirmed for PlayStation 5, but a solid release date has yet to be announced. It is still slated to launch in 2024. There is no word on an Xbox version of the game. 

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