Vampire Survivors reveals Among Us DLC, price, and release date

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Popular survival shoot ’em up Vampire Survivors continues to deliver for fans, following up the release of its Adventures Update with the surprise “Emergency Meeting” collab with Among Us.

Vampire Survivors has received constant post-launch support from the developer Poncle since its release in December 2021 through free updates and paid DLCs. The first DLC, “Legacy of the Moon Spell,” was released last December and featured an Eastern theme with self-proclaimed shonen protagonists and Japanese yokai. In April of the following year, the second DLC, “Tides of the Foscari,” took on a fantastical Western theme and introduced a magical academy and characters reminiscent of wizards and bowhunters straight out of a Tolkien novel.

Rather than doing a cross-section for an entire genre of media for its third DLC, Vampire Survivors is partnering up with one of the most influential games in recent years. Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting will introduce new surprises and mechanics inspired by the popular betray-your-friends experience Among Us. This follows Among Us doing its own wide-reaching Cosmicube crossover event with games including Undertale and Crypt of the NecroDancer.

It will also include numerous Among Us references and easter eggs for the keen-eyed. This makes it the third DLC for Vampire Survivors in less than a year, and it’s coming very, very soon.

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting release date confirmed

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting is scheduled to launch on Steam and Xbox on December 18. The releases for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch are labeled as “coming soon.”

According to the recently released FAQ on the official website, Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting will have 9 new characters or variations inspired by “fan-favorite beans.” 

In addition to the characters, players can expect 15 different weapons consisting of 7 base ones, 7 evolutions, and 1 unique extra weapon. The evolution process for these base weapons is said to deviate from the traditional method of leveling up an item. Poncle hasn’t said anything about the new weapon evolution process yet.

among us vampire survivors emergency meeting artwork

Players will have the opportunity to wield these weapons in a new stage called “Polus Replica,” which was created with details inspired by the Among Us map, Polus. Similar to previous Vampire Survivors DLCs, this stage is divided into biomes, each containing specific sets of enemies and potential secrets. The DLC also has a new Among Us-themed Adventure.

Vampire Survivors x Among Us DLC price

The Among Us-themed Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC will cost $2.50.

Unlocking the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC in-game is straightforward and players only need to select the Polus Replica map from the stage selector. Players can also start the Emergency Meeting DLC by selecting its corresponding adventure, which unlocks after completing the Dairy Plant stage once.

among us key art

Vampire Survivors’ adventures mode is set to be a key part of all future DLC.

These adventures are essentially custom challenges and missions that provide additional fun layered with lore to make the gameplay loop more rewarding, per the developer’s words. It’s expected that Emergency Meeting’s adventure would follow suit and include new lore and story-relevant elements.

Unfortunately, Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting will not include achievements due to the developer’s concerns about future licensing agreements affecting their future availability. However, the development team is committed to finding a solution if it finds a way to separate base game and DLC achievements and give players access to all achievements indefinitely.

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