Is Doom: The Dark Ages coming to PS5? We know the answer

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The medieval Doom Guy is real and he’s coming in DOOM: The Dark Ages, and its reveal confirmed release date info and whether it will come out on PS5 and Xbox Game Pass.

A new Doom trailer dropped at the June 2024 Xbox Games Showcase, answering questions about Doom going medieval. Previously, fans got excited when Bethesda trademarked “IDKFA,” a well-known cheat code in the series that spans decades. Soon, reports about a new Doom game surfaced, making fans even more excited.

The reports were all correct, as the DOOM: The Dark Ages trailer was the first in the Xbox Games Showcase. The trailer starts by introducing the Doom Guy, the helmeted protagonist of the series, with the lines, “Before he became a Hero, He was the super weapon of gods and kings.”

DOOM: The Dark Ages release date

DOOM: The Dark Ages will be released in 2025. The trailer did not give exact dates or release windows.

The gameplay trailer emphasizes the world and weapons, with the new “ripshield” taking center stage. The new-and-old shield starts just like a chainsaw, with teeth rotating across its outer edge. It can be thrown at enemies Captain America-style or used as a defensive tool.

Fans of booming guns will be happy to see that the iconic Doom shotgun is still intact, even in the olden times of DOOM: The Dark Ages. However, there are new tools for the Doom Guy to use in his battle with demons and vermin. Doom is keeping its status as the premier boomer-shooter.

DOOM: The Dark Ages platforms list includes PS5

Despite exclusivity rumors, DOOM: The Dark Ages will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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Bethesda’s new Doom will be available on the PlayStation platform. Microsoft acquired Bethesda for a $7.5 billion deal, including the legendary id Software development studio. Doom fans on the PlayStation were worried about missing out on Doom Guy’s new adventures; however, this isn’t the case with DOOM: The Dark Ages.

The cloak-wearing, shotgun-wielding protagonist will be available for all major platforms. Doom is seemingly leaving old-generation consoles behind this time, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One not announced. A Nintendo Switch 2 release is likely at some point, given Doom and Wolfenstein both being made available on as many platforms as possible. While there is no indication that Doom is going to a semi-open world design, the levels do look bigger in scope.

Will DOOM: The Dark Ages be on Game Pass?

Yes, DOOM: The Dark Ages is coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one for the service’s subscribers.

DOOM: The Dark Ages is made by an Xbox Games Studio and is confirmed to be coming out for the popular game subscription service. With Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 also arriving on Game Pass, the subscribers will have plenty to play till DOOM: The Dark Ages drops sometime next year.

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