Xbox president hints new Call of Duty will debut on Game Pass

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Despite adverse reports and rumors, Xbox president Sarah Bond has strongly indicated that Call of Duty games will launch day-one on Game Pass.

It’s been a rough time for Xbox fans these past few days, with multiple studio closures leading fans to worry about the company’s future. Xbox shuttered Arkane Austin, makers of Prey and Redfall, Tango Gameworks, which made the critically acclaimed Hi-Fi Rush, and Alpha Dog Games, which produced Mighty Doom. Roundhouse Studios fold into the team working on The Elder Scrolls Online. Support for ongoing games from these studios is immediately cut off, resulting in Redfall not receiving promised DLC characters

Earlier this week, The Verge published a report stating Microsoft’s reluctance to release 2024’s Call of Duty on Game Pass. The report claims that Xbox might increase the price of the popular subscription service. 

Is Call of Duty coming to Game Pass?

According to Xbox president Sarah Bond, Call of Duty will come to Game Pass. 

In an interview with Bloomberg, Sarah Bond implied that Microsoft will bring Call of Duty 2024 to the subscription service. While Bond avoided talking directly about the popular FPS franchise, she reiterated that all Xbox games will be available day one on Game Pass. 


Microsoft spent $69 billion on the Activision Blizzard purchase, which has resulted in extra scrutiny for the gaming division. The reports about recent studio closures also mention the purchase as a contributing factor. Fans and media alike wondered if the next CoD would skip coming to Game Pass altogether to recoup some costs. However, Xbox seems determined to bring new games, including the next Call of Duty, to Game Pass. 

What’s next for Xbox Game Pass?

Sarah Bond confirmed that gamers “are going to see some really amazing things,” and Xbox Game Pass is not going anywhere. 

The Xbox president elaborated that the core Xbox players love Game Pass, a subscription service that provides a whole portfolio of games. She further stated that the service aims to deliver first-party games to gamers on day one. When inquired whether Activision titles are also included, she replied, “Across the whole slate,” confirming that upcoming games from the Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, and Overwatch franchises will be on Game Pass. 

Xbox Game Pass April 2024

Microsoft is gearing up to hold an Xbox showcase event in June where the company will reveal the latest Call of Duty title. Reports also suggest that Xbox will launch all previously released Call of Duty games on Game Pass at the event.

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