Nintendo Switch 2’s codename may be revealed and you’ll hate it

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The Nintendo Switch 2 is highly anticipated, and Famiboards users find new information daily, like a codename or possibly the real name for the console. 

Nintendo’s current-gen console launched in March 2017 and it was an underpowered console even at the time, incapable of displaying high-fidelity graphics or hitting high frame rates. Nintendo games didn’t need high horsepower to run the first-party games that were tailor-made for the console. However, third-party games suffered from this shortcoming.

Recently, even first-party Nintendo games have been suffering from frame rate issues. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom had inconsistent frame rate issues, making the game less enjoyable, especially in handheld mode. Fans have also marveled at how even simply jailbreaking the Switch makes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet look like a completely new game.

Fans have been asking Nintendo for a refresh, and thankfully, a new console iteration is coming. Online forums are buzzing with excitement, with more and more users willing to dig into what the new console might offer. Among the discoveries is a possible codename for the Nintendo Switch 2, and it’s one that probably won’t sit well with gamers.

Is Nintendo Switch 2 codenamed Muji?

According to a Famiboard user, Nintendo Switch 2 might be called Muji.

Chances are “Muji,” which translates to plain in Japanese, is simply a placeholder name used for the console during development. User CalmMind on the Famiboards forums discovered the name “Muji” in what appears to be Unity SDK code.

This suggests that Nintendo might make two versions of the next Switch; a cheaper base model and a more-expensive “Pro” version. The idea of multiple Switch 2 models being available at launch has been a regular topic of discussion among leaks and reports regarding the console. Muji could just be the codename of the base version of the Nintendo Switch 2. Another poster claimed that this code is from the Nintendo Package Manager, and Muji is just a placeholder name in the code. 

Nothing is confirmed about Nintendo Switch 2 right now, but Nintendo recently acknowledged its existence. The handheld console is in the works, but the company is not ready to disclose more. 

Nintendo Switch uses an ARM-based processor, so Nintendo Switch 2 might also use the same architecture for its chip. The use of an ARM chipset will ensure backward compatibility remains intact without much effort from the developers.

Nintendo has a long history of console codenames

Nintendo console codenames have a much higher profile than those of other companies. Because of that, even if Nintendo has codenamed the Switch 2 as “Muji,” the name is unlikely to stick.

The GameCube was famously revealed as the Dolphin years before its official name was confirmed. Similarly, the Nintendo Wii was referred to as the Nintendo Revolution by Satoru Iwata across multiple E3 events. The name was popular enough that fans pushed back against the “Wii” name for a time. Most recently, the Switch was codenamed the NX with games even being promoted alongside that codename

The Nintendo Switch 2’s codename being kept under wraps also tracks with Nintendo history. Project Cafe, eventually dubbed the Wii U, was kept comparatively lowkey. This was likely to maintain interest in the Wii, which was still enjoying solid sales at the time. The Switch continues to enjoy strong numbers at retail, even this far into its lifespan.

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