Is Dragon Age: Origins getting a remake? Rumors are swirling

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Rumors of Bioware developing a Dragon Age: Origins remake are swirling online, but exactly what do those rumors entail, and is it even possible with Mass Effect 5 and Dragon Age: Dreadwolf already in the pipeline?

It’s no secret that Bioware has been struggling lately. In August 2023, the studio laid off around 50 people from the company. The studio’s last major release was Anthem in 2019, a game seen as a critical and commercial disappointment. 

Even so, Bioware managed to release trailers for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and Mass Effect last year. Sadly, the trailers didn’t reveal gameplay details or release dates for either title. Now, rumors have surfaced that Bioware is working on a Dragon Age: Origins remake alongside those new games.

Is Dragon Age: Origins Remake in development?

There is no official confirmation that Dragon Age: Origins is getting a remake. The rumors of a Dragon Age: Origins remake spawned from a 4chan thread, where an anonymous user claimed to be an alpha tester at Bioware. Most of the claims revolved around Mass Effect 5 and Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s development.

However, the most noteworthy claim was that Dragon Age: Origins would be getting a remake, subtitled “Reorigins.” The poster claimed that it was “very early in production” and would be a faithful remake in the same vein as the 2023 Dead Space remake.

These rumors may be exciting for longtime Bioware fans, but there are reasons to wonder about their veracity.

For example, one claim stated that Bioware needed “dozens of millions” in sales for Dreadwolf to be a success. For context, the highest-selling game in 2023 was Hogwarts Legacy, which only sold 22 million copies. Another claim stated that Dreadwolf would “play like Inquisition.” Previously leaked gameplay showed something that looked to be closer to God of War: Ragnarok than any of the previous Dragon Age titles, though those details were subject to change. Add the fact that an alpha tester is unlikely to be privy to such confidential data, and many have already dismissed the claims outright. 

Why do people hate Bioware?

A combination of staff layoffs, mediocre projects, and a lack of recent titles has caused Bioware’s current reputation to down, with some fans even hating on the once-venerable developer.  Once upon a time, Bioware was dominating the gaming world with RPGs such as Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Dragon Age: Origins. By contrast, recent titles such as Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda have soured fans on the company.

Although Mass Effect: Legendary Edition gave fans some respite, it was still just Bioware rehashing its old hits. Fans need a reason to come back to Bioware, and the studio has not given them one. With an official Dreadwolf release date not yet in sight and Mass Effect 5 firmly in pre-production, Bioware’s future remains uncertain

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