Is Fortnite coming to World of Warcraft soon? PTR says maybe!

world of warcraft fortnite crossover

World of Warcraft and Fortnite have for many years been among the biggest video games in the world. The two haven’t yet crossed over, but that may soon be changing.

Information available in the latest PTR update in World of Warcraft points towards the potential of a new World of Warcraft and Fortnite crossover event.

Will there be a World of Warcraft Fortnite crossover?

A World of Warcraft Fortnite crossover hasn’t been at the top of many players’ wish lists for either game, but it could soon be realized regardless. A close look at patch 10.1.7 on the WoW PTR shows several references to Epic Games’ popular battle royale.

These notes are centered a collection of spells, most of which are likely attributable to one singular entity known as the “renegade looter.” It’s unknown exactly who the renegade looter would be and whether it would be friend or foe, but odds are that it’s a new boss encounter given the variety of spells and abilities that are specific to it.

Renegade Looter spells reference Fortnite in WoW

The Renegade Looter has spells and abilities that make numerous references to Fortnite crossing over with WoW. These include a power buff when taking the “high ground,” as well as the ability for the Renegade Looter to build its way up to that high ground.


There are multiple spells and abilities that make reference to drinking a type of juice in order to regain health. The Renegade Looter uses “Slurp Drink” to regain its own health slowly, while “Glug Jug” refers to an ability that players may be able to use in the encounter to instantly restore health.

There are references to Fortnite’s famous “Slurp Juice,” a mysterious blue and green concoction that restores health to the player when it’s consumed.

It’s worth noting that none of these references necessarily mean that the Random Looter is destined for live servers. World of Warcraft’s Public Test Realm, or PTR, is used as a testing grounds for various potential additions to the game, and has also in the past been used to make silly jokes. But few jokes are quite as thorough as this.

World of Warcraft has also references other games in the past without making a direct crossover to them. So while the Renegade Looter may very well be coming to WoW, it may not be as part of an official World of Warcraft Fortnite crossover.

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