New drive rush cancel change is already coming to Street Fighter 6

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Street Fighter 6 is barely more than a month old, and developer Capcom is already bringing quality of life updates and improvements, beginning with a new way to input a drive rush cancel.

Fighting game fans have been feasting on Street Fighter 6 since its June release, but there have been some complaints here and there. Some complaints have revolved around the execution of the game’s new drive mechanics, including one combo extending technique in particular. Capcom is looking to alleviate some of that concerns right away.

Rashid update includes drive rush cancel changes

The new drive rush cancel changes will be launching with Street Fighter 6’s Rashid update, which will go live on July 24.

The changes will allow players to execute a drive rush cancel by pressing both MP and MK together when using classic controls, or by using the dedicated drive parry button when using modern controls.


This is a big change, particularly for players who use an arcade stick when playing. Previously, these cancels could only be executing by dashing with two consecutive forward motions upon landing an attack that could be drive canceled. This could make for some tricky input requirements, particularly when players were executing crouching attacks and trying to drive rush cancel from those.

Being able to drive rush cancel with the new shortcut will allow players to more reliably and fluidly execute the technique, opening up new possibilities in reliably executing some of the game’s more complex combos.

The technique allows combos to be extended in new and different ways. Players can spend drive gauge on the technique, potentially putting themselves in a vulnerable burnout state if they overindulge.

But the risks tend to be worthwhile, and players are already chomping at the bit for the opportunity to test out new combos with the new drive rush cancel shortcut.

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