Here’s the full list of Counter-Strike 2 maps and their changes

counter-strike 2 vs csgo mirage

The full list of Counter-Strike 2 maps isn’t revealed yet, but Valve has confirmed that a number of old favorites will be in the game.

There are millions of Counter-Strike fans in the world and among them is a sizable group of players who only queue for one map. People who exclusively buy AWPs to watch long doors on Dust 2 or scope down mid on Mirage would be in a very awkward position if CSGO got shuttered and Counter-Strike 2 launched without their go-to map. Thankfully, all signs point to most of CSGO’s official maps making the jump.

Valve has both ported CSGO maps into Counter-Strike 2 and released updated versions of these maps that take advantage of the Source 2 game engine. Here are the confirmed maps for Counter-Strike 2, and what changes are attached to them.

All Counter-Strike 2 maps and how they’ve changed

While Valve hasn’t officially confirmed which maps will be available in Counter-Strike 2 at launch, players still have a pretty strong grasp on what’s set to be included. The different closed beta periods for Counter-Strike 2 have featured a number of different maps. Alongside this, Valve has released a number of teasers for the game showing off different maps and detailing what fans can expect to be changed with the move to CS2.

Counter-Strike 2 full competitive maps list

Dust 2

Dust 2 is set to return in Counter-Strike 2 with very limited changes. The game’s most popular map was labeled a “touchstone map,” and will be the same outside improved lighting and other minor tweaks. The map could still play quite differently due to the new gameplay changes. The first big highlight of CS2 saw former pro player Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert using the new smoke grenade mechanics to set up a great play.


Mirage is another map given touchstone billing, but the differences between the CSGO version and CS2 are much more profound. Rather than having a uniformly dusty look, areas like palace were overhauled to make them visually distinct from the rest of the map and to highlight the impact Source 2 will have. The improved lighting is also much more apparent in Mirage as there are many highly trafficked areas that see players move from darker enclosed spaces to bright, open areas.

Nuke Cs2


Nuke was the first “upgraded” map that was made available to players. The power plant-themed locale got a major makeover to its B site, with new textures and lighting giving a reflective sheen to the whole area. There weren’t any significant shakeups to the layout. That said, the changes to smoke grenades will make Nuke very different for high-level players who will have to get creative when it comes to controlling the outside areas. 

Train A bombsite Counter-Strike 2


While it isn’t a part of the active duty map rotation anymore, Train is still an iconic map in defusal mode. That has it getting the same treatment as Mirage and Dust 2. The map will return as a touchstone map with minimal changes. The lighting and texture changes will still be apparent in areas like B halls and ivy.


The CS2 development team wanted to show off its skills with the redesigned Overpass. After agent skins were added to CSGO, Overpass saw many of its props and some of its visual flair removed in order to ensure visual clarity and prevent unintended camouflage opportunities. They’re bringing much of that splendor back in Counter-Strike 2 and adding more realistic water physics. On top of that are some major changes to the lighting in areas like heaven and underpass, and some gameplay changes like adding more cover in playground and adding props on top of bathrooms.

Vertigo mid Counter-Strike 2


Revealed alongside Overpass was the return of Vertigo. Vertigo is another map labeled as a touchstone, meaning players will get the same thing they’ve been playing in CSGO with some lighting and style changes. While fans were happy to receive Dust 2 and Mirage intact, the decision to bring back the unpopular Vertigo completely intact wasn’t as well-received.

Ancient Mid


Counter-Strike’s greener maps will likely benefit from the Source 2 engine more than most. That was shown early on with the upgraded Ancient. Alongside the improved water surrounding the T-side spawn and altered lighting in indoor areas, the textures on plants look significantly better in CS2.

Inferno A site Counter-Strike 2


Inferno hasn’t yet been seen in CS2 but a few screenshots of the map were included in the game’s files. These show off a significant visual overhaul that gives the map a brighter look. The map is also seemingly set to receive a number of notable changes with the buildings being made taller, the cover around second mid being changed, and a new look to the A site. There was also an alleged leak that shows a radically changed B bomb site, though this hasn’t been shown officially so it’s possible that Valve’s plans changed or that the screenshots are fakes.

Counter-Strike 2 hostage, deathmatch, and Arms Race map list

Office in Counter-Strike 2


There are loads of dedicated Office players and they got an early look at the map in CS2. While some were expecting it to receive some major changes, it only received new textures and lighting.

Italy Counter-Strike 2


Italy is one of Counter-Strike’s most enduring maps but its popularity fell off over time to some degree. Valve might be looking to change that in Counter-Strike 2 by giving the map a significant overhaul both graphically and in terms of its layout.

Lake Cs2


Water changes were heavily emphasized during the rollout of Overpass and were apparent during the beta on Ancient. The true test of how good CS2’s water physics look will be on Lake. The popular map for non-competitive modes is confirmed to be returning and will see a lot of play, so Valve will likely do its best to make Lake look beautiful.

Baggage map in CS2


One of the surprises of the early Counter-Strike 2 trailers was Baggage being highlighted. The arms race map will make a comeback and will likely be a staple of casual play when the game launches.

Shortdust Cs2


The go-to map for Wingman players is coming back. Shortdust is confirmed to be returning and looks to be receiving the same kind of glow-up players can see in Dust 2. The lighting is improved and the texture changes make the area look like even more of a blasted ruin.

Canals Cs2


The popular casual-only defusal map isn’t slipping through the cracks when Counter-Strike 2 launches. As with Lake, this watery map will serve as a barometer for how good the Source 2 engine looks and how thorough Valve is when it comes to improving the visuals of existing maps.

Shoots Cs2


Players who willingly queue up for Arms Race and Flying Scoutsman modes probably know Shoots like the back of their hand at this point. The map is returning in Counter-Strike 2 and will benefit greatly from the Source 2 engine, judging from the improvements seen on fellow greenery-filled map Ancient.

Will Cache return in Counter-Strike 2?

Cache will return in Counter-Strike 2 at some point, according to map creator FMPONE.

Though Cache is an iconic CSGO map that was featured in professional play for years, it’s actually a community map. Even if they’ve wound up in official matchmaking, much of the burden of porting community maps like Cache, Tuscan, and Agency falls to the creators rather than Valve. Some of these maps will undoubtedly be left behind, but FMPONE has explicitly stated on Twitter that Cache will return in CS2.

Alongside Cache returning, FMPONE is working on a brand new Bomb Defusal map for CS2 named Santorini. Santorini has a bright, summery look that stands apart from most other Counter-Strike maps. 

No timetable has been given for when these maps will return. That will likely change once there’s an official release date for CS2.

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