Is the new Aurora ultimate overpowered? It just might be

Aurora concept art for League of Legends

Riot has revealed the abilities and ultimate for new champion Aurora, and fans fear her potentially being overpowered at launch in League of Legends. 

The Witch Between Worlds will debut in League of Legends soon, and she’s already popular. The team put a lot of thought into her design and lore. In Aurora’s Champion Insights blog, senior narrative writer Elyse Lemoine even revealed that the champion is autistic.

On top of being a fascinating character, Aurora’s abilities look just as well thought out. The abilities represent her character well, utilizing spirits and magic in equal measure. However, her ultimate worries fans, as Aurora may wreak havoc when it officially becomes playable. 

Is the Aurora ultimate overpowered in LoL?

The Between Worlds ability used by Aurora is a powerful ultimate and has dangerous implications for team fights that might make the new LoL champion overpowered. The Between Worlds ability starts with Aurora sending out a pulse of spirit energy that deals magic damage and slows enemies. Upon exploding, a circular area appears on the ground and merges with the spirit realm. While the area is active, Aurora gains an empowered spirit mode within the circle.

If enemies try to escape or enter, the circle will push them back, slow them, and deal magic damage. Players immediately pointed out the visual nightmare of the ability due to its displacement abilities. The ultimate could be devastating in team fights, as it groups all the enemies like fish in a barrel for devastating combos. The most popular comparison right now is to Camille’s ultimate, which only targets one champion, while Aurora can net an entire team. Some fans joked about her ultimate being similar to Domain Expansion, an overpowered ability from the shounen anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

On top of the powerful ultimate, Aurora’s other abilities support her hit-and-run style, particularly the invisibility.

Can Aurora turn invisible in League of Legends?

Aurora’s Across the Veil allows her to hop a short distance and become invisible for a few seconds while in Spirit Mode. Wielding invisibility instead of camouflage arguably makes Aurora even more dangerous. Unlike camouflage, wards cannot detect invisible characters. Having the ability to hop in and out of danger while hiding makes Aurora a tricky champion to catch. 

Players quickly pointed out how three of her four abilities give the champion added mobility. Spirit Mode makes her move faster on top of healing. The more spirits she gains from her passive, Spirit Abjuration, the faster she gets. The Weirding gives Aurora a backward hop, very useful when escaping from danger. This has contributed to discussion around the game’s ongoing mobility creep issue.

Overall, Aurora’s play style has her on track to become a highly mobile harassing mage, with the potential to clear crowds of enemies thanks to her powerful ultimate. 

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