Kai Cenat has wholesome moments with fans during Tokyo trip

Kai Cenat with fans

Kai Cenat is in Tokyo and while one might think that his celebrity status would be left behind on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, he’s getting a warm welcome.

With travel restrictions far in the past at this point, streamers and YouTubers are flocking to Japan. Big names like Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker have crossed the ocean to enjoy a prolonged stay, while others like Felix “PewDiePie” Lengyel have uprooted their life and actually moved to the country.

Kai Cenat is just on holiday in Tokyo, but it seems that the city wouldn’t mind having him. In addition to the numerous tourists who happened to recognize him, he managed to consistently attract a crowd of local fans when he walked the streets.

Kai Cenat swarmed by fans in Tokyo

Kai Cenat is currently in Japan and while much of his time has been spent seeing the sights, he’s also been bombarded by fans on a few occasions. The most wholesome instance of this came on the street where a Japanese fan approached him and asked for a hug. Cenat obliged and the two exchanged kind words after.

These run-ins happened regularly throughout the stream, with selfies being snapped and Cenat even giving his hat to a young fan along the way. The streamer made no effort to hide how much he is enjoying the trip and even joked that he isn’t especially excited to return to the United States.

While he likely isn’t going to pull up stakes and make a permanent move to Japan, it’s clear Kai Cenat is having a great time in Tokyo.

Is Kai Cenat leaving Twitch for Kick?

Kai Cenat will not be streaming on Kick at any point in the foreseeable future.

While new livestreaming service Kick has been signing enormous deals with streamers including Felix “xQc” Lengyel, all signs point to Cenat not being among them. Kai Cenat is the biggest streamer on Twitch over recent months and recently signed on to create content for video streaming service Rumble in May 2023. Surrounding the announcement of his deal with Rumble, Cenat suggested that he had been in talks with Kick:

The one thing that could potentially lead to a move over to Kick would be a surprise ban from Twitch. While Twitch gives many of its top streamers preferential treatment, the permanent ban of Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm shows that the platform isn’t completely gunshy when it comes to big names. 

Even if Cenat got permanently banned from Twitch though, there’s no doubt that YouTube and other social media platforms would be interested in talking with him.

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