Leak reveals huge changes to Lotus in upcoming Valorant patch

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A new Valorant leak suggests Lotus is getting major changes that could actually turn it into a defender-sided map.

Lotus is a three-site map known for its distinct features including breakable and rotating doors, sprawling vines, and a massive lotus perched atop the ruins. While the map has undergone minor tweaks in the past, it appears that a major overhaul is on the horizon in an upcoming patch.

A leaked early build of the revised Lotus suggests that the changes will affect three key areas across the map. These adjustments are expected to add a new layer of challenge for attackers, requiring them to check corners more often. By widening certain areas and adding new obstacles, defenders will enjoy more ambush opportunities. This, in turn, could tip the scales in what has been considered an attacker-sided map, granting defenders more opportunities to secure rounds.

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What are the leaked Lotus changes in Valorant?

The upcoming changes to Lotus will widen areas and add new cover in A-link, and the B and C sites.

Notable changes seen in a fly-through posted by data miner Floxayyy include adjusting some chokepoints and introducing new structures and corners. If real and implemented, these could open up avenues for defenders to hold the site and introduce new strategies for retakes.

The B site will be expanded, pushing its left side further back. This expansion creates more space for players to play around, but poses another threat to attackers as they will have to check both sides before charging ahead. 

On the other hand, the C site is in for big adjustments. The upcoming changes to Lotus will introduce more corners and angles to check, making attacking and retaking more complex than before for anyone but the best Valorant players.

The left side of the site may potentially be pushed back, and stacked boxes may offer more hiding spots for defenders. Additionally, a tall box will be placed nearly adjacent to the existing brown crate near the bend. Another tall structure is also set to stand in the middle of the site. Lastly, two boxes of different heights, positioned right next to the double box at the corner of the site, are expected to offer additional angles that players must clear before going for a plant 

A minor change will also arrive for A-link, with the wall being moved further back. This adjustment will create a safe yet aggressive angle for defenders to target players around A Rubble.

With the Lotus map favoring attackers, it only makes sense that Riot is trying to implement changes to help defenders bag some kills and secure round wins with newfound angles and strategies to use.

Raze On Lotus

These upcoming changes will be particularly good news for players who like to use shotguns, thanks to new corners in tight areas. Moreover, the C site changes on Lotus might end up becoming Raze mains’ favorite spot in all of Valorant, as the more confined layout will make evading her explosive abilities even more difficult. Meanwhile, attackers without an initiator on their side will likely have a hard time entering the site as they will have to check each corner one by one.

What will be in Valorant Episode 7 Act 3?

It’s unknown what will be included in Valorant Episode 7 Act 3. As of writing, little is known about whether these changes to Lotus are finalized or when they are expected to arrive on the live servers but Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 is a possibility.

However, with the potential changes being revealed, players may want to start developing new strategies for the map. That said, these leaks are not yet confirmed as legitimate and even if they are, there’s always the possibility that Riot Games nixes its plans or makes other changes instead.

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