FNS reveals why he’s done with NRG, what he plans to do next

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Puhjan “FNS” Mehta and made a tell-all social media post discussing NRG Esports, his teammates, and retirement.

FNS has been the in-game leader for a top North American that has bounced from Team Envy to OpTic Gaming to NRG with few roster changes. OpTic Gaming made its name in the Valorant competitive scene thanks to the team’s masterful performance. However, things have not been the same since moving to NRG.

NRG’s devastating loss in the recent Valorant Champions 2023, which was eventually won by Evil Geniuses, against Bilibili Gaming left NRG fans arguing what led to the loss and whether that flop was the reason for FNS leaving and not competing in the VCT. FNS cleared up some of these questions in an Instagram post that touched on his now-former team and what comes next for him.

Why Did FNS leave NRG?

According to FNS, he left NRG because he was unhappy to play there anymore and thought it was best for both sides.

FNS states that losing at Valorant Champions 2023 is a vital reason for leaving the organization. He mentions that he should move on after the loss, as they couldn’t win despite the roster trying its best. The NRG Esports organization may be potentially better off with someone else, he says, which ultimately led to him leaving the organization.

Shortly after leaving, Sam “s0m” Oh approached him and asked what FNS would do after his departure with NRG. He then responded that he would try to stream and build something independently during the upcoming off-season.

Is FNS going to retire?

FNS is not officially retiring, but he is stepping away from competitive Valorant. As one might guess, he is turning his attention to streaming.

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After FNS left NRG, he had conversations with other organizations to potentially play next year, but he declined because his “heart just isn’t in competing at this moment.” He also states that joining a team with that mindset would be unfair, and he has decided to build something of his own by streaming Valorant on Twitch.

Although grateful, FNS has said that he has always relied on his teammates and organizations to build his career. This time, he wants to create something on his own.

Streaming has been a completely new challenge, he says. And it’s an exciting one for him to take on in the coming months. He has been streaming for three weeks and stated that he has genuinely enjoyed doing it.

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