Valorant’s Intergrade Bundle will be the perfect skins for Neon

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The new Valorant Intergrade Bundle will soon be available in the shop, bringing in new melee and gun skins.

Riot Games has a reputation for rolling out fancy skins and more often than not, the company manages to make something that players like. With many bundles boasting a unique look and stunning animations, Riot is able to tempt even the most budget-conscious players. While it’s true that skins don’t necessarily turn players into a 1v9 machine, clicking heads certainly does feel better when using guns that have skins.

Following the release of the Imperium skins and alongside a leaked prototype of an overhauled Lotus map, Valorant players got an early look at another new skin line. After the launch of Valorant Patch 7.06, a new leak surfaced from ValorLeaks on Twitter that revealed the upcoming bundle. While the skin line might not be as flashy as the Radiant Entertainment System or as breath-taking as the Imperium, it can still catch the attention of players, especially those who have a fondness for all things blue. 

Valorant Intergrade Bundle guns, cost revealed

The upcoming Intergrade Bundle in Valorant will include a Blade Melee and skins for the Classic, Guardian, Spectre, and Operator. The Intergrade skin bundle appears to be crafted with a striking blue crystal aesthetic, subtly infused with futuristic elements. However, much like the rest of the Select-tier bundles, Intergrade is unlikely to have variants, special VFX, and animations.

Neither the Vandal nor the Phantom will be included in the bundle. This means that players looking to bling out the game’s go-to assault rifle will need to look for a different release date.

The leaks only revealed the skins for the guns included in the bundle. However, it is not yet revealed whether or not there will be a player card, spray, or gun buddy available.

The Intergrade Bundle can be purchased for 3,500 Valorant Points. Individually, each gun skin costs 875 VP, and the melee skin can be obtained for 1,750 VP.

What is the Intergrade Bundle release date? 

The release date of the Intergrade Bundle is unknown.

Previously, it was also announced by reliable leakers that Neptune 2.0 is also slated for a release in the near future. Neither has an exact release date and it’s unclear whether they will hit the shop together or separately. It’s possible they could come out in the near future, or may be shelved until a larger patch or Valorant Act 7 Episode 3.

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