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Super Smash Bros. pro James “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson is the world’s greatest gamer, at least according to Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren’s recent tournament.

Fans want to see their favorite streamers and esports stars competing in basically everything, something that’s been seen in events like Twitch Rivals and chess tournament PogChamps. These events are usually for fun and a bit of cash, but don’t carry particularly high stakes. Either that or they’re structured to encourage fun over serious competition.

That wasn’t the case at Ludwig’s World’s Greatest Gamer event. The former Twitch star and current YouTube streamer brought together a number of content creators and esports pros to face off for the title of the greatest gamer in the world.

Worlds Greatest Gamer

Three-time CoD champion Clayster, Valorant star TenZ compete at Ludwig’s World’s Greatest Gamer event

The list of competitors at the World’s Greatest Gamer event included a mix of decorated esports professionals, speed runners, and prominent YouTubers. This made for an uneven playing field but allowed many of the players to show off their gaming skills.

Here’s the full lineup of competitors who were brought together by Ludwig:

  • Brandon “aceu” Winn
  • Albert “boxbox” Zheng
  • James “Clayster” Eubanks
  • ConnorEatsPants
  • Eric “erobb” Robbins
  • Jaiden “Jaiden Animations” Dittfach
  • Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka
  • Kathleen “LoserFruit” Belsten
  • Joseph “Mang0” Marquez
  • Qiyu “Nemo” Zhou
  • Dillon “Rizzo” Rizzo
  • Danny “Shiphtur” Le
  • Tanner “SmallAnt” Ant
  • Dominique “SonicFox” Mclean
  • Matthew “super” DeLisi
  • Tyson “TenZ” Ngo
  • Saahil “Universe” Arora
  • James “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson
  • Zachary “zekken” Patrone

This list includes some of the all-time greatest players in a number of major esports titles. 

Two The International-winning Dota 2 pros were included in JerAx and Universe, with JerAx standing as one of the all-time highest-earning esports players ever in terms of prize pool winnings. SonicFox is arguably the greatest fighting game player in history, having won six Evo championships across five different games. James “Clayster” Eubanks is a three-time Call of Duty world champion, winning titles across three different eras of CoD esports.

Street Fighter 6, Counter-Strike, and Minecraft are among games played in Ludwig’s event

Street Fighter 6, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Minecraft, and Pong were among the games played in the World’s Greatest Gamer event. While many of the contestants came from competitive backgrounds, the event featured a mix of popular multiplayer games, major esports titles, and random classics.

Day one of the event started with a king of the hill mode in Minecraft, followed by Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Trackmania. Things moved to rock-paper-scissors for some in-real-life action but closed with an elimination tournament in Rocket League which saw Universe, SonicFox, and Nemo eliminated.

greatest gamer event pong finals erobb vs void

Day two opened with XDefiant followed by a variety of classic Atari 2600 games such as Missile Command and Asteroids. Eliminations started trickling in as the day progressed, with the action moving over to CSGO from there. The competition was whittled down to eight with CSGO, and then to five after a grand prix in Lego 2K Drive. That five became two in Tetris Effect, which left only VoiD and erobb for a deciding game of Pong. VoiD closed out the event with a dominant 3-0 series victory.

Who is VoiD, the “World’s Greatest Gamer?”

VoiD is a professional Super Smash Bros. player who has competed in Melee, Smash 4, and Smash Ultimate. He primarily plays Sheik, but previously mained Pichu and Marth.

He has enjoyed strong placements in a long list of events, both big and small. His best results came in Smash 4 on the Wii U, with top performances including top-eight placements at Evo 2016 and 2017, second place in DreamHack Atlanta, and first place in Smash ‘N’ Splash 4: Wii U. VoiD’s results haven’t been as consistent since the move from Smash 4 to Smash Bros. Ultimate, but he has still posted a number of strong showings including fifth place in Smash Ultimate Summit 3.

Ludwig continues organizing major Twitch, YouTube streaming events

The World’s Greatest Gamer event was the latest in what has been a regular series of entertaining gaming-themed events from Ludwig. Ludwig is one of the biggest YouTube streamers, but he still maintains a presence on Twitch thanks to some of the other events he has hosted.

Earlier this year, he organized a chessboxing competition on YouTube that included a long list of prominent content creators and pro gamers. He has a hand in esports as a part-owner of Moist Esports and an organizer for events like the Ludwig Smash Invitational. Even if he’s not center-stage for the events himself, he has helped put together shows like a charity auction event on Twitch hosted by Connor “CDawgVA” Colquhoun.

With the streaming, esports, and gaming world all constantly bombarding fans with new things to see, Ludwig has been able to consistently put together shows that actually qualify as events. It’s unknown whether there will be another World’s Greatest Gamer event from Ludwig, but odds are there is an appetite for it.

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