Marvel and MTG set for huge crossover, here’s when it comes out

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Marvel Comics and Magic: The Gathering are set for a huge collaboration that will see some of the most iconic characters in pop culture walking the planes.

Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game that has a massive fanbase. The art and themes of its cards draw from all manner of high fantasy stories, with dragons, fairies, mages, and knights being staples for the franchise. That hasn’t kept the game from doing out-of-the-box collaborations though, including one with My Little Pony. 

That phenomenon hasn’t stopped yet. While gamers enjoy the new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and its homages to many past versions of the character, TCG players will be able to collect some new Marvel Comics-themed cards in MTG. This collaboration has been in the making longer than fans know and it’ll come to the break of day very soon. 

Marvel Comics x Magic: The Gathering release date

The Marvel-themed Magic: The Gathering cards won’t be available until 2025. No definite release date was offered.

While this launch is far in the future, it has reportedly been in the making for multiple years. The announcement on the official Magic: the Gathering website uses the title “Universes Beyond,” which just might be the official name of this new collaboration. It promises to bring many Marvel superheroes and villains to the famous card series. 

It’s unclear why this expansion is scheduled so far in the future. Reception to the announcement has been generally negative among MTG fans. Many are stuck on how the collab isn’t thematically appropriate, given how Marvel does not typically publish high fantasy comics. Regardless, fans will want to keep an eye out for this collaboration as it’s likely to be one that sells out quickly.

It hasn’t been confirmed which heroes will be in this card set. The trailer shared by the official Magic of the Gathering YouTube channel teases a few heroes, including Thor and Captain America. 

While few heroes were directly teased in the trailer, fans can expect many of the brand’s most iconic characters to appear. Odds are that the Marvel Comics and Magic: The Gathering collaboration will feature many or all of Marvel’s most iconic names, ranging from Iron Man to Spider-Man, and beyond. It’s impossible to say for sure, but it will likely go well beyond just Captain America and Thor.

Fans can also expect this collaboration to be heavily pushed from retail locations to MTG: Arena promotions.

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