Mauga is coming to Overwatch 2, here’s how he works

overwatch 2 hero mauga

New Overwatch 2 hero Mauga was revealed during BlizzCon 2023 and his set of abilities could make him one of the most versatile rush-comp heroes to ever grace the game.

A rush-comp in Overwatch 2 is an effective combination of characters designed to take out a specific target in a match. Tanks and healers are both excellent choices here because they work in synergy to pressure the enemy while keeping the frontline alive long enough to get the kill. Reinhardt, Zarya, and D.Va. are some of the most popular choices for the tank role.

That might be about to change. Now that Mauga is here, he might replace all of them in a single swoop and become the go-to tank for offensive plays in Overwatch 2.

What role is Mauga in Overwatch 2?

Mauga is a new tank character in Overwatch 2 that can be described as a cross between Reinhardt and Bastion.

Like Reinhardt’s charge ability, Mauga can use his Overrun ability to charge forward and trample enemies. The key difference is that he cannot get stunned during this charge. Mauga also wields a powerful chaingun in each hand, just like Bastion’s Recon Gun and D.Va’s Fusion Cannons.

Additionally, his Berserker ability allows him to regain health when dealing critical damage and generate overheal, making him a versatile character who can easily operate in any position in the rush-comp formation. He is most certainly a tank designed for offensive situations, which could make him a frustrating character when a teammate picks him for holding a point.

What’s the difference between Mauga’s left and right gun?

Mauga’s left gun and right gun operate differently, with his left gun lighting opponents on fire and his right gun dealing critical hits on enemies while they’re on fire.

Mauga’s incendiary “Gunny” chaingun in his left hand sets targets ablaze after 12 shots and the effect lasts as long as Mauga keeps firing. The right “Cha-Cha” chaingun complements the left one by dealing critical damage to burning enemies. Though many Overwatch characters have either aesthetically used two weapons or can toggle between weapons, Mauga is the first in Overwatch 2 to actually dual-wield different weapons.

Mauga will seemingly be very powerful at launch. He is a strong damage dealer, and his Cardiac Overdrive ability allows nearby allies to take reduced damage and heal from the damage they deal. His ultimate, Cage Fight, can also isolate enemies. This lets Mauga players control the field without necessarily having to focus on doing just one thing, as Mauga can do a bit of everything from damage to healing to zoning.. 

What was shown for Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2024?

Mauga was one of three new Overwatch 2 heroes that were discussed at BlizzCon 2024.

In addition to Mauga, it was announced at BlizzCon that Overwatch 2 will be adding two new heroes in 2024, including Venture and another one codenamed Space Ranger. Along with the characters, Blizzard will be introducing a new objective-based PvP mode called Clash to Overwatch 2, which will take place on a new map based on Overwatch’s classic Hanamura map.

The bulk of the convention was focused around World of Warcraft, though the struggling Diablo 4 and other titles also made some appearances. Mauga arrives in Overwatch 2 on December 5 with the start of season eight.

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Written by Mohamed Hassan

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