Monster Hunter Wilds: Check out the future of Capcom’s hit series

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Capcom has revealed the future of the Monster Hunter series; Monster Hunter Wilds.

Monster Hunter Wilds was revealed during The Game Awards 2023 and is set to be the latest entry in the iconic franchise. It was the last premiere for the event and considering how successful Monster Hunter has been for Capcom, it’s deserving of that spotlight. Since its debut, the Monster Hunter franchise has sold over 95 million units, making it the second best-selling franchise that Capcom has ever had.

Monster Hunter Wilds will likely be the game that pushes that number past the 100-million mark. Here’s everything there is to know about the game including its platforms, release date, and what it’s known to offer.

What is the release date for Monster Hunter Wilds?

Monster Hunter Wilds will come out in 2025, but there isn’t a specific release date attached to it.

With The Game Awards often notorious for having teaser trailers on games with no release windows, such as the recently announced OD by Hideo Kojima and Marvel’s Blade by Arkane, it’s refreshing to see Capcom give fans an idea of when the game will come out.

The trailer showcased a hunter riding across the various locales and past wildlife, with dynamic weather patterns throughout. Monster Hunter: World reintroduced the franchise to mainstream audiences back in 2018 and has been a gargantuan success for Capcom. This makes Wilds one of the most anticipated titles in the franchise yet.

What consoles will Monster Hunter Wilds be on?

Monster Hunter Wilds will come out on PS5, Xbox One Series X/S, and PC.

Capcom used to release its mainline titles exclusively to Japanese consoles such as the Wii and PlayStation. It wasn’t until Monster Hunter: World that Capcom decided the western gaming markets were a demographic worth tapping into. 

Though Monster Hunter became very popular, very quickly in Japan, the game took some time to grow roots in other markets. Its mainline installments were originally one-console exclusives, starting with the PlayStation 2, then moving to the Nintendo Wii, then to the 3DS. Monster Hunter World launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC was likely a factor in its ability to grow the franchise.

More details will be revealed for Monster Hunter Wilds in Summer 2024. While Capcom was excited to share a new game with its audiences, it’s clear that this was nothing more than a teaser. That said, Capcom continues to keep fans on their toes by stating that more details will be revealed in Summer 2024.

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