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Marvel’s Blade was revealed at The Game Awards in a surprising announcement.

While rumors of a Blade game have been swirling for a long time, there hasn’t been anything concrete. For a short while, there were rumors swirling around that Ubisoft was developing a video game based on the property, but Ubisoft quickly quashed those rumors. Insomniac Games, while never making any announcements or even teases, was also a popular candidate for a new Blade game.

The vampire hunter hasn’t had any new solo games since the Blade 2 film tie-in game, back in 2002. As is tradition with video games based on movies at the time, it received poor reviews. For The Game Awards, an unexpected studio stepped up to the plate to develop Blade.

Who is developing Marvel’s Blade?

Arkane Lyon is the developer for Marvel’s Blade. While Arkane was teased to have a new project announcement before The Game Awards, nobody could have expected the title was none other than Blade.

While some might be a bit wary of Arkane developing a vampire action game after Redfall, it’s important to note that was a different branch from Arkane Lyon. Arkane Austin was primarily responsible for Prey and Redfall, while Arkane Lyon developed the Dishonored franchise and Deathloop. Arkane Austin was also noted to have lost 70% of the team that worked on Prey by the time Redfall’s development was complete.

The announcement that Arkane Lyon is the developer for Marvel’s Blade should come as a relief for fans. Given the studio’s experience with supernatural FPS titles with stylized hyperviolence, there’s cause for optimism with the game.

Will Marvel’s Blade be an Xbox exclusive?

Marvel’s Blade will likely be exclusive to Xbox and PC, but nothing official has been confirmed about the game’s platforms.

Marvel’s Blade was developed by Arkane, which Microsoft owns under the ZeniMax umbrella. Bethesda Softworks’ Starfield was exclusive to Xbox and PC upon launch, but Arkane’s Deathloop and Dishonored are not. However, both of those games were before Bethesda set the precedent with Starfield.

marvel's blade game

Given that Sony is keeping the Marvel’s Spider-Man games from Insomniac close to the chest, and is set to do the same with Wolverine, Microsoft has the opportunity to kickstart an exclusive superhero franchise of its own. Of course, this is all still speculation, but a lot of evidence supports the idea of Marvel’s Blade being exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms. 

Is there a release date for Marvel’s Blade?

There is no official release date or estimate for Marvel’s Blade.

With the news being so fresh, it’s not surprising that the game still has no release date. Alongside the game, Blade also has an MCU film in the works, the film has suffered multiple setbacks regarding its release.

The film is currently set to premier in November 2025, if there are no further delays. It’s possible that the Blade game could tie into the film, though there’s no confirmation that this is the plan.

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