OD: Find out everything on Hideo Kojima’s new “game”

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Hideo Kojima’s new game, OD, was revealed at The Game Awards 2023 and fans are scratching their heads over what it is. That’s understandable because according to the famed director, it’s not just a “game.”

Kojima is without a doubt one of the most influential video game directors. His blend of cinematic storytelling and innovative gameplay have redefined how many people look at video games as an entertainment medium. Even controversial titles such as Death Stranding, have garnered praise for their striking visuals and cinematography.

Few people in gaming can instantly make a game noteworthy on their name alone, but Kojima is one of them. That makes anything he puts out worth taking a good look at, and that applies to OD as well.

What is Hideo Kojima’s new game?

OD, which has also been referred to as Overdose, is the title of Hideo Kojima’s newest game.

Although some fans were speculating that Death Stranding 2 would have Kojima’s full attention, it was revealed he is working on an entirely new project as well. Kojima dropped a teaser trailer for Overdose during The Game Awards 2023, which showcased uncomfortable closeups of three unknown characters who are all played by notable actors.

Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier are all set to play characters in Hideo Kojima’s OD. As expected of a Hideo Kojima trailer, there are a lot of cryptic messages and a high amount of technical detail. Jordan Peele also came out after the trailer to talk about how excited he is for the project, complimenting Kojima for his work on the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

death stranding 2
Death Stranding 2

Is OD exclusive to Xbox?

OD will likely be exclusive to Xbox and PC.

Kojima is working with Xbox Game Studios to create OD, with the developer stating that it incorporates Microsoft’s cloud technology. Overdose may be a Game Pass exclusive, given the history of games developed alongside Xbox Game Studios.

“We are working with Xbox Game Studios and their cloud gaming technology to take on the challenge of creating a very unique, immersive, and totally new style of game, or rather, a new form of media,” Kojima said in a statement on Kojima Productions’ website.

It will also be getting a PC release, which was indicated through the Windows logo at the end of the trailer. It’s unclear if it will be exclusive through Xbox Game Pass or if OD will be released through platforms like Steam. Titles such as Starfield and the upcoming Hellblade 2 are published by Xbox Game Studios, but made available through Steam for PC.

What is the release date of OD?

OD does not have a release date or estimated launch window yet.

Another unfortunate Kojima classic is announcing an intriguing new trailer with no indication of when it will come out. Kojima initially revealed Death Stranding at E3 2016, and it wasn’t until September 2019 before the game came out on the PlayStation 4.

Interstingly, Kojima said in a 2022 interview with IGN that OD was already five or six years in development. Hopefully, that means a release date isn’t too far away for OD.

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