Netflix might own the future of Resident Evil movies; what we know

Protagonists of Welcome to Raccoon City

Reports claim the streaming service Netflix has greenlit multiple adaptations of the Resident Evil franchise, and fans are already worried.

The Resident Evil franchise is still enjoying a golden age. 2023 saw the release of the Resident Evil 4 remake, extending a streak of highly regarded games in the series. Although some hardcore fans believed a remake of RE4 was unnecessary, the critical and commercial acclaim proved the demand for the long-awaited title. The classics are also seeing new life, with the original set to be re-released and more remakes in the works.

Beyond games, Capcom’s other Resident Evil projects have not gone so smoothly. Despite over a dozen adaptations, fans will struggle to find a Resident Evil adaptation that’s better than “campy B-movie.” Given the series’ tone, it shouldn’t be surprising, but many adaptations fail to meet even those standards. Recent reports suggest Netflix may try another crack at the Resident Evil franchise. 

Is Netflix making a new Resident Evil movie for 2025?

Reports claim Netflix greenlit a prequel to Welcome to Raccoon City, based on Resident Evil Zero.

The news comes from Geek Vibes Nation, a site that previously revealed the plot for the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. The report claims the movie has a $30 million budget and features Ada Wong. The report claims the cast reveal will occur in October 2024, and production will last until December. The untitled Resident Evil film is reportedly slated for a 2025 release.

Fans had a mixed reaction to the news. Many immediately pointed out the disparity between the “faithful adaptation” of Resident Evil Zero and Ada Wong’s appearance. For context, Ada Wong does not appear once in Resident Evil Zero, so fans are understandably skeptical. Given Netflix’s last attempt with Welcome to Raccoon City, trust in the adaptation isn’t the highest.

Is Netflix making a new Resident Evil series for 2026?

Netflix has reportedly greenlit a new standalone series featuring the daughter of James Marcus, one of the creators of the T-Virus.

The series will not feature any characters from the games. Instead, it will focus on the global outbreak’s first days through the eyes of a new character, Sophia Marcus. Once again, fans pointed out the disparity of “no characters from the games will appear” despite the main protagonist’s relationship with one of the T-virus progenitors. 

The series will reportedly only have six episodes.

Dusk Golem, a notable leaker for Resident Evil news, claims the production company Constantin Film makes these adaptations every five years to avoid losing the contract. Unfortunately, this means fans will likely wait a long time before getting a decent live-action adaptation of the Resident Evil franchise. 

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