1996’s Resident Evil 1 will be re-released, here’s how we know

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The true, original Resident Evil 1 game from 1996 is tough to play legally in 2024, but it seems Capcom is trying to remedy that with a PC re-release.

The first Resident Evil is a classic survival horror game that is still iconic in many ways. The game had the perfect blend of zombie action, puzzles, and claustrophobia-inducing camera angles. Its Western release also had delightfully campy dialog and voiceover work. Naturally, many gamers would want to see where the gritty series truly started.

The original Resident Evil was released on PC in December 1996, only eight months after it came to the PlayStation 1. The game’s existence has been scrubbed off the internet in some ways due to the many re-releases of its 2000s remake and the subsequent remaster. A leak shows that this will soon change with the true original getting a re-release on PC.

Is Resident Evil 1 getting a remake or a re-release?

The original Resident Evil from 1996 is likely set for a re-release on PCs, but there’s no word on a remake.

PEGI, the European games rating board, posted a listing for a re-release of Resident Evil. The listing is still on its website but details have been removed. They previously indicated a PC release and stated explicitly that the game is a port of the original release, with no major additions.

The original game was released on PC but is unavailable on mainstream platforms like Steam, Epic Games, or GOG. Purchasing the game is also challenging due to its unavailability on digital storefronts.

A Resident Evil remake was rumored to be in the works. This resulted in some public smack talk from leakers, and it now seems as though this “remake” was instead a re-release. Capcom hasn’t announced any plans to remake Resident Evil 1 either.

Will Resident Evil 1996 be re-released on PC and consoles?

The 1996 version of Resident Evil is set for a PC re-release, but it’s unknown if the game will come out on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch consoles.

PEGI’s listing only includes PC on the list of platforms. Capcom might simply plan to release the original 1996 version of Resident Evil as a retro title on modern digital storefronts like Steam and Epic Games.

While technically available on PC, the 1996 version of the game is difficult to play on modern Windows. Compatibility issues with both Windows and hardware keep the classic out of reach for less tech-savvy gamers. A straightforward retro release could solve compatibility issues with modern Windows.

The new release could be a part of a collection. The original Resident Evil 2 and 3 are also not available on Steam. A retro collection with all three classic Resident Evil games would be a great way to enjoy the classics.

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