Is a Resident Evil 1 remake in the works? What we really know

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Resident Evil 9 is still a ways away from release by all accounts, but there’s already plenty of discussion regarding what comes after. According to a fan group, that something is a remake of Resident Evil 1.

Capcom has been on a hot streak both with its major IPs like Street Fighter 6 and its other big projects like Dragon’s Dogma 2. The company’s best batting average has still come with Resident Evil, where both its remakes and new mainline installments have drawn consistent praise and game of the year award consideration.

By all accounts, the next major release in the series will be Resident Evil 9. Capcom’s current workflow sees it line multiple games up in a row, and a return to the Umbrella Mansion is close to the front of the queue according to one person.

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A Resident Evil 1 remake is reportedly coming after Resident Evil 9

A Resident Evil 1 remake is reportedly in the works from Capcom, per a fan group.

The news comes from PRE Al Arabiya, an Arabic-language fan group. They state that the series is set to release Resident Evil 9 in 2025, with the Resident Evil 1 remake coming out at some point after. Alongside this, they state that Resident Evil 9 will star an aged Leon who will take over main character duties for a trek to Southeast Asia.

Many of the details discussed are additions made to previous claims made by horror game leaker Dusk Golem. Dusk Golem previously reported a marketing schedule and estimated release date for Resident Evil 9 that landed in 2025. The one major divergence from Dusk Golem’s reporting is the Resident Evil 1 remake.

The Resident Evil 1 remake is reportedly set to come out in 2026, as part of the 30th anniversary celebration for the series.

PRE Al Arabiya doesn’t yet have any notable leaks of their own and they state that the information comes third-hand. The group later issued a statement saying it hadn’t burned any sources with its previous reporting.

A Resident Evil 5 remake was teased in RE4

Resident Evil 4’s ending seemingly teased a Resident Evil 5 remake.

The topic of the next Resident Evil remake to come after RE4 has been a hot topic of discussion for some time. That discussion has centered around whether Resident Evil 5’s remake should be scrapped in favor of Code Veronica. This stemmed from problematic portrayals of Africans in the game, as well as criticisms about the co-op-focused gameplay that make it unique in the series.

Despite this, Resident Evil 5 was explicitly referenced in the ending to the Resident Evil 4 remake’s Separate Ways DLC. Resident Evil 1 also already has a critically acclaimed remake that is available on all modern platforms. All this would make it somewhat odd for Capcom to sneak in a new Resident Evil 1 remake, even if it would make sense for the 30th anniversary.

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