Resident Evil 9 release date, gameplay details may have leaked

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Resident Evil 9’s release date may fall in 2025 and its gameplay is reportedly a major departure from series norms.

Resident Evil is selling like hotcakes and Capcom seemingly wants to keep the momentum going by releasing the ninth mainline game in the series. Resident Evil 9 was reportedly delayed, but according to a new Twitter thread, the ship has been righted. This could see fans of the series playing the game before too long. 

Capcom is enjoying great success with its survival horror series. While the series hit the skids with critically panned spin-offs and a lukewarm response to Resident Evil 6, the seventh game reinvigorated the formula by returning to its horror roots. Similarly, Resident Evil 8: Village, once in development as a spinoff, became another big success for the publishing giant.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

The latest game, the Resident Evil 4 remake, sold 6.5 million units in March 2024. Is Capcom pushing for Resident Evil 9 to be released early? One leaker seems to think so. 

Resident Evil 9 release date reportedly landing in 2025

Resident Evil 9 will reportedly be released in January 2025.

Dusk Golem, a trusted source for Capcom and horror-related leaks, stated the game will be coming in the near future. They also state that Capcom is reportedly preparing to unveil the game before long. The previous installment, the Resident Evil 4 remake, was showcased in June 2022 at a PlayStation event. June 2024 is shaping up to be a hot month for gaming, with an Xbox Showcase already confirmed.

The Twitter thread also suggests that Resident Evil 9 will have been in development for seven years, the longest spell in series history. Dusk Golem has described the game as an “ambitious” project, raising questions about potential gameplay changes. Will it stick to the classic over-the-shoulder shooting style or venture into a modern first-person design?

Is Resident Evil 9 open-world?

Resident Evil 9 will reportedly be fully open-world but will remain a survival horror game.

Dusk Golem previously reported the game’s open-world nature on Twitter. They also informed that Dragon’s Dogma 2, Monster Hunter Wilds, and Resident Evil 9 were given the green light together, with those three games each set to contribute new open-world elements to the RE Engine. The RE Engine is Capcom’s proprietary game engine, which has powered all its major releases.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has already been released to good reception, despite criticism from some fans regarding its microtransactions. Monster Hunter Wilds has already been announced with a lengthy trailer. If the rumor is to be believed, fans will soon see Resident Evil 9 in all its glory. 

If true, fans can explore an open-world Resident Evil for the first time in January. Capcom previously experimented with large, open areas in Resident Evil 8. So fans will be happy if Resident Evil 9 delivers more of the same, but in an open world. 

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