Hades 2: Where to find Wool and what you should do with it

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Hades 2 has a variety of materials players have to get for incantations and other upgrades, and Wool is one players will need to find early on in the experience.

Like its predecessor, Hades 2’s gameplay loop sees players upgrade their character’s abilities to make runs progressively easier. These upgrades include Arcana Cards, weapon upgrades, and more. All of them require different sets of materials and with access to tools restricted heavily, players will need to make runs for the sole purpose of farming them.

With so many different materials to acquire in Hades 2, players must memorize which areas or enemies drop specific items. While less common or required than other materials, Wool is an item players will likely find themselves hunting for, especially during the early game. Here’s how to get and some of its uses.

Wool in Hades 2

Where do you find Wool in Hades 2?

Players can get Wool by defeating the Cyclops Polyphemus, the boss of the first area on the way to Olympus called the City of Ephyra.

Every boss in Hades 2 drops a specific item that players can use as ingredients for upgrades and incantations. For example, the Headmistress Hecate in Erebus drops Cinders while Scylla and the Sirens in Oceanus are key to farming Pearls. Similarly, Polyphemus drops Wool every time the player defeats him.

About to fight Polyphemus in Hades 2

Players must break the ward blocking off Olympus to access the mortal realm and use a specific incantation to survive there. Unlike other areas where players move forward by clearing rooms, the City of Ephyra has another barrier that must be broken before moving forward. After doing so, players are greeted by the city’s boss, Polyphemus.

Polyphemus is a heavy-hitting enemy who relies on his large stature to cause tremors Melinoe must dodge. He also occasionally feasts on the many sheep roaming the battlefield to regenerate health while summoning enemies as backup. With well-timed attacks and some handy boons from the gods, players can make quick work of this Cyclops to get Wool.

What is Wool used for in Hades 2?

Wool is used as an ingredient for Arcana Cards, incantations, and upgrading the aspects of certain weapons.

Rush of Fresh Air incantation in Hades 2

While not as in-demand as Ash, Wool is required to unlock and upgrade multiple things. Players must use Wool to unlock the Sear Arcana Card and upgrade the Swift Runner card. Additionally, it’s an ingredient for the Rush of Fresh Air incantation, which causes locations on the surface to sometimes have Shrines of Hermes.

Finally, the Aspect of Pan upgrade for Sister Blades requires one Wool and two Shaderot. Although Hades 2 doesn’t have many uses for Wool, Supergiant Games will likely add more recipes to the game over time.

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