New operator Ram, commendations coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Ram from Rainbow Six Siege

Year 8 Season 3 of Rainbow Six Siege is coming and it will add the new operator Ram and the Heavy Mettle expansion.

While Rainbow Six Siege has been around for a long while now, it keeps giving players a reason to be excited. In its upcoming season, it will add a number of new community features and quality-of-life changes. The splashiest change is the addition of South Korean operator Ram, who hits the server with a set of unique gadgets.

Operation Heavy Metal was revealed to fans with a teaser trailer with what looked like a remote-controlled thresher and gameplay showing chunks of a ceiling being torn out. Those clips were both related to Ram, who will tackle camping in a whole new way.

Here are the gadgets of new Rainbow Six Siege operator Ram

Rainbow Six Siege’s Ram has the BU-GI drone that can tear holes through the floors it drives over

The Operation Heavy Mettle teaser trailer actually shows the BU-GI drone, which has a number of circular saws attached to the front. Those aren’t just for show, as the drone is capable of tearing up the floor as it drives along.  There are multiple ways to use this, with the primary function being to create new lines of sight that let Ram and her teammates attack from an elevated position.

The BU-GI drone isn’t invincible, though. It has a bright-red fuel tank on its tail end, and shooting it will destroy it. Defending players can potentially just wait and shoot it as it advances forward, or fire over the top of it when they stumble upon it.

Ram has been compared to other Operators including Sledge and Twitch, but she still stands apart from the two. The question is how her addition will impact the meta as the game continues moving in a frenetic direction.

Rainbow Six Siege adding commendation system in Operation Heavy Mettle

The commendation system is designed to encourage and reward good behavior in-game. Players can commend each other in the post-game screen for a variety of reasons including their performance and attitude on comms.

R6 Siege Commends

Though Ram is a big addition to the game, arguably the biggest change coming in Operation Heavy Mettle is a new commendation system. Rumors have swirled about this for months, but are finally becoming a reality.

This sort of feature has been a staple of multiplayer games for some now, with games like Overwatch 2 aggressively steering players toward commending each other after a match. While Rainbow 6 Siege is a bit late to the party with this, it’s still likely to be a worthwhile addition to the game.

Operation Heavy Mettle arrives in Rainbow 6 Siege in September.

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