New Returnal content is coming, but will there ever be Returnal 2?

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After a 24-hour wait, Returnal developer Housemarque revealed an upcoming Returnal-based graphic novel, but what about Returnal 2?

The 2021 roguelike shooter Returnal was one of the PlayStation 5’s first major releases, combining fast-paced shoot ’em up action with Roguelike elements. While the initial lack of any save feature was a point of criticism for many, the game was viewed as a success by both fans and Sony. However, with Returnal being studio Housemarque’s first big game, fans wondered what would become of the Returnal IP.

Housemarque and PlayStation studio XDEV teased a Returnal-related announcement on April 29, 2024. The X posts stated the announcement would be made the following day and a follow-up post by comic book, graphic novel, and manga publisher Dark Horse Comics gave some fans all the clues they neededabout what was coming.

Housemarque reveals Returnal graphic novel

Housemarque revealed the Returnal: Fallen Asteria graphic novel and an art book all in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics.

While most fans were hoping for information about a Returnal sequel or at least a DLC for the game, Housemarque opted to celebrate Returnal’s third anniversary with the announcement of several art-based additions. 

The first addition is the Returnal: Fallen Asteria comic, which arrives in paperback on October 22, 2024, for bookstore shelves, and a day later for comic shops. The official Housemarque Games YouTube channel uploaded an animated version of the first issue of the upcoming graphic novel for all to see, and the complete version will be 88 pages long.

The second addition to the Returnal universe is an art book. It’s unknown when the art book will be available, though many Returnal players were asking for an art book for the game, so it’s sure to please many fans.

Will there be a Returnal 2?

Neither Housemarque nor PlayStation have indicated that a sequel for Returnal is in the works or planned.

Returnal follows the journey of Selene Vassos who finds herself stranded on the planet Atropos while reliving the same time loop. The game received praise for its story, which came as a surprise for many. While this helps its potential as a graphic novel, it also has fans hoping for a sequel.

If a Returnal 2 or spin-off happens, it might not feature Selena. On the other hand, the developers might opt to follow the character’s journey on a new planet, though that might change the game’s formula too much. A sequel might feature a new character similar to fellow Roguelike Hades 2. At the moment, there’s no word on any kind of video game follow-up.

Unsurprisingly, the tease resulting in a graphic novel reveal didn’t sit well with fans. At the very least, Housemarque and PlayStation know that the demand for a new Returnal game is there.

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