New Twitch and Nvidia partnership will allow for 4K streaming

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Nvidia announced a new beta program in partnership with Twitch to improve the streaming and viewing experience, ideally allowing for 4K 60 FPS quality.

Senior VP of GeForce Jeff Fisher hosted a special address, sharing some of the innovations for 2024, including its new beta program for streamers. The collaboration between Nvidia, Twitch, and OBS looks to provide an enhanced broadcasting experience to content creators on the Amazon-owned platform.

This new program will allow streamers to send multiple streams to Twitch simultaneously, running at different resolutions. This could make for a significant change to how viewers enjoy Twitch and how streamers approach the platform.

Twitch will offer 4K resolution on streams, for streamers with the tech

Twitch will allow streamers to broadcast in multiple resolutions and at multiple framerates, allowing users to watch at 4K and 60 FPS.

One of the challenges that content creators face is balancing resolution and overall quality with accessibility. Streamers must limit their resolution in order to make their content available to viewers regardless of their device. This can be awkward as streaming on a 4K television is significantly different from watching on a phone.

The enhanced broadcasting will allow streamers to have five concurrent streams in five different qualities simultaneously. Users can then receive the broadcast in a resolution that fits their device. This change will help streamers reach broader audiences without compromising their quality. The enhanced broadcasting is supported by all RTX GPUs.

According to Fisher, Twitch is also experimenting with different technologies to improve the current quality. The GeForce RTX 40 Series supports 4K and AV1, which are soon to be implemented on Twitch. Before launching at scale, there will be a beta period.

How to apply to Nvidia beta program

Streamers who wish to take part can do so by signing up through their Twitch dashboard.

Streamers must have a Nvidia GPU and Windows 11. Once the first participants are selected, they will receive early access to a new version of OBS Studio. All the information will be shared through email and will include the special setup instructions.

Streamers can expect the information as soon as the end of January. It is unclear how long it will last before the feature is made available for everyone. Streamers who don’t meet the minimum requirements can sign up for the beta program but won’t be able to participate until additional support is added.

Simulcasting will not be available to those participating in the beta program. The technology is being developed for Twitch and by Twitch, meaning that it will only work for this platform. Streaming on multiple platforms is possible using third-party software. These services must integrate support for the new features, a process that is currently in progress according to Twitch. 

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