A major Starfield update is coming, will it finally fix the game?

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Bethesda Studios announced in its official X account that Starfield is getting over 100 fixes in a new major update, and its release isn’t very far.

Bethesda released Starfield in late 2023. However, the game had multiple graphical and technical flaws, resulting in its Steam rating going from “mostly positive” to “mixed” shortly after its launch. Bethesda seems to be taking steps to appease fans, including announcing that Starfield will be getting official mod support and a huge update set to be released soon.

Bethesda posted a thread on X, going through the various improvements being made in the upcoming Starfield update, and some of them include fixes fans have been requesting since the game’s launch. The announced date for the update also seems to be sooner than most players expected.

What’s coming in the new Starfield update?

The new Starfield update brings numerous changes, including bug fixes and technical improvements.

Bethesda highlighted that it fixed bugs that stopped players from finishing some quests. For instance, players who previously couldn’t dock with the Legacy in the “Eye of the Storm” quest will be able to do so, ensuring a smoother experience.

The Starfield patch will bring several technical improvements, including better textures, lighting, and shadows. The game is infamous for being unoptimized, and Bethesda Game Studios claims that the new update will improve the game’s performance on both consoles and PCs, along with finally adding widescreen support.

Other miscellaneous fixes include the sun disk geometry, pet astroid bug, and planet’s ring shadows. The complete patch notes with the entire list of improvements and additions in the Starfield update will be available on January 17, 2024.

When will the new Starfield update be released?

The Steam Beta for the Starfield update will be available on January 17, 2024, and the patch will officially launch two weeks later. While the update will be available for both PC and Xbox players, PC players will have early access to the update thanks to the Steam Beta.

To get early access to the next Starfield update, players on Steam will need to go to the game’s properties. From there, they’ll have to right-click on the title from their library to open the properties window. The properties window will have the betas tab, where fans can select the beta from the dropdown menu.

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