“Next generation” Halo game will have campaign, is Infinite dead?

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343 Industries reportedly has a dedicated team working on a campaign for the next Halo game, but what does that mean for Halo Infinite?

Since 2010, 343 Industries has been the developer for the Halo franchise and that’s set to continue. The studio has reportedly put together a team specifically to make the next Halo single-player campaign. Halo Infinite had a generally negative reception at launch, in part because it launched without a single-player experience. It’s notable that the next Halo game may not be following that same playbook.

The news comes via Bitcast ahead of Halo Infinite Season 5’s launch and after a brutal year in 343 Industries. The studio was rocked by layoffs at the start of the year as Halo Infinite’s player count floundered, features like campaign co-op were scrapped, and Xbox as a whole struggled. Halo Infinite is reportedly already in the process of being decommissioned alongside its game engine as 343i begins development of the next Halo game in the Unreal Engine.

What is the next Halo game after Halo Infinite?

The next Halo game after Halo Infinite is reportedly in development in the Unreal Engine and will have a campaign mode. Nothing has been officially revealed about the game yet.

It’s been reported that the next iteration of the Halo franchise will be made using the Unreal Engine and has a team dedicated to producing the campaign. It’s unknown what fans can expect from the game, what features might be present, what sales model the game will follow, or when it could come out. Bitcast labeled the game as “next generation” but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s attached to Xbox’s planned 2028 console.

Halo Infinite Campaign

The fact that there is a team dedicated to producing a campaign in the next Halo game is hopefully a sign that fans can expect a fleshed-out single-player experience. Many publishers moved in the direction of the games-as-a-service model, with Halo Infinite trying and struggling to do the same. A renewed focus on the single-player experience could help the next Halo game recapture what made the series a smash hit.

Is Halo Infinite dead?

Halo Infinite is not dead yet with 343 Industries still releasing new content, but a successor is already in development as player counts stagnate.

The game is still receiving new content, including the release of season five on October 17. Even with the supposed development of the next Halo game in progress, fans shouldn’t expect Halo Infinite to be completely dropped by developer 343 Industries any time soon.

Halo Infinite Key Art

Each new season has brought additional content to Halo Infinite. Season updates have included new game modes, new sandbox items, and even narrative events. With the large variety of added content through seasonal updates, fans can reasonably expect more updates for Halo Infinite to keep them coming back for more. 

This is still well short of what 343i was planning for the game, however. Halo Infinite was meant to effectively exist indefinitely with new features, game modes, weapons, and other bits of content being added over time. The fact that the game is less than two years old and is facing decommissioning isn’t a good sign for Halo Infinite, 343 Industries, or Xbox.

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