Nintendo Switch 2 reportedly able to play PS5 games, with a catch

nintendo switch 2 vs playstation

Leaks around Nintendo Switch 2 have said it’ll be a major upgrade over the Switch and it will reportedly be big enough to play PS5 games, at least to some degree.

The original Switch has been around much longer than its rival, the Steam Deck. Despite that, it has consistently been compared to Valve’s handheld PC. Since Steam Deck was released years after the Switch, it was bound to feature more technical horsepower. The same is expected from Switch 2, Nintendo’s successor releasing in 2025.


Tech YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead, who has accurately reported on upcoming pieces of gaming hardware, discussed the Switch 2 and what Nintendo is likely looking to bring to the table. He states Switch 2 may not have as big of a horsepower upgrade as fans hoped. It will still be a major upgrade with some interesting additions that set it apart from the pack.

Switch 2 can play some PS5 games, but not with ideal performance

Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly be able to play PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S games. However, it may not be able to hit their benchmarks, or even those of the Steam Deck.

Nintendo hasn’t shared specs for Switch 2 yet, but Moore’s Law is Dead discussed Switch 2’s graphical output potential. He stated that this will likely boil down to improved image quality with light ray tracing and upscaling. Moore’s Law is Dead speculates that all this combined still won’t match the framerates of identical games on Steam Deck.

On the other hand, Nintendo Switch 2 could have a higher display resolution than the Valve’s device thanks to upscaling. Data miners discovered code suggesting that the Switch 2 will have the ability to run games at 4K. However, it may not be more powerful in terms of performance.

If true, this boils down to Switch 2 games looking reasonably good and having variable refresh rates with lower FPS. He mentioned that games running smoothly on Steam Deck at 90 FPS may achieve around 60 FPS on Switch 2. Meanwhile, games running at 60 FPS on Steam Deck would hit 40 to 45 FPS on Switch 2.

“I think [Switch 2] is going to deliver a generational performance improvement that can play most PS5 games…The only thing you’re gonna have to worry about with Switch 2 is the frame rate,” MLID said.

This, combined with Moore’s Law is Dead’s earlier speculation that Switch 2 may be faster than Steam Deck, suggests that Nintendo fans will still enjoy the upgrade.

While higher resolution is certainly a plus, performance is the main difference-maker for many players. Because of this, on native resolution and base settings, Steam Deck may have the edge in terms of performance.

Switch 2 reportedly bringing stronger docked mode, better battery life

On the definitively positive side, Moore’s Law is Dead reported on some of the big improvements he’s expecting the Switch 2 to bring. That includes improved battery efficiency and a superior docked mode. He states that these will be facilitated by a fanless cooling solution, which will keep things nice and quiet.

“Even if they [Nintendo] cheap out on the clock speeds and cooling here, I would still say it’s about 20-30% faster than the Steam Deck GPU, but the CPU is a bit weaker for gaming,” he said.

The Switch attempted to offer modest improvements to performance when going from handheld to docked mode. However, certain games including Pokemon Scarlet and Violet actually had superior performance in handheld mode due to how they were optimized for the hardware. That shouldn’t be the case with Switch 2, which will ideally have a marked performance difference between handheld and docked modes.

Of course, a better comparison can be made when Nintendo releases full specs for Switch 2, but according to the YouTuber, those who “like Switch will like Switch 2.”

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