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Getting free boosts to social stats is one of the keys to progressing in Persona 3 Reload, and one of the main sources of this is giving correct answers in the classroom and acing exams.

Persona games are a race against time in multiple ways. Players have a ticking clock when it comes to major story events, but there’s also the simple fact that there’s a lot to do and a limited time to do it. That makes any opportunity for progress that doesn’t advance time something to take advantage of.

Brushing up on topics like ancient occultism, Japanese mythology, and Dark Ages architecture is a hassle, though. That’s why there’s a full list of every Persona 3 Reload class answer and all the exam answers right down below.

All Persona 3 Reload classroom answers

Persona 3 Reload will occasionally give players the chance to answer questions in class, or help their friends do the same. A correct answer offers a boost to their charm social stat, which in turn unlocks the Devil and Lovers social links. Here’s every class answer in Persona 3 Reload, and the date where they appear:

  • 4/8- Vivid carp streamers
  • 4/18- Middens
  • 4/27- A
  • 5/6- A pantograph
  • 5/13- The pendulum
  • 5/15- May Blues
  • 5/19- May Blues
  • 5/20- A pendulum
  • 5/21- Electricity
  • 5/22- Jomon
  • 6/15- Keen eye
  • 6/17- Shamanism
  • 6/22- Witch of Agnes
  • 6/25- The flutter effect
  • 6/29- Dowsing
  • 7/03- About romance
  • 7/8- Between “time and “it’s”
  • 7/9- Social Disparity
  • 7/10- Kabbalah
  • 7/11- The katana
  • 7/14- Dowsing
  • 7/15 – An error in translation
  • 7/16- Taira No Masakado
  • 7/17- Comma splice
  • 9/1- Resistance
  • 9/10- To reveal a secret
  • 9/11- The Hermetica
  • 9/14- Their soulmate
  • 9/26- The Tetractys
  • 10/7- Dopamine
  • 10/10- Helena Blavatsky
  • 10/13- Addiction
  • 10/14- Pythagoras
  • 10/15- Superconductivity
  • 10/16- To reveal a secret
  • 10/19- India
  • 10/22- Venus
  • 10/26- Izumu
  • 10/30- Beta-amylase
  • 11/7- The Upanishads
  • 11/12- Her favorite time in winter
  • 11/30- The cherry blossom
  • 12/7- Ozone layer
  • 12/9- Kido
  • 12/11- Lives
  • 12/14- The number zero
  • 12/15- Maltose
  • 12/16- Venus
  • 12/17- Murasaki-no-Ue
  • 12/18- Geeses
  • 12/22- Euphoria
  • 1/8- The underworld
  • 1/18- Circe

All Persona 3 Reload exam dates and answers

Persona 3 Reload has midterm and final exams in May, July, October, and December. Each exam period plays out over four or five days, where players have no free time and will not be able to do any other activities. Each day during exams, Persona 3 Reload players are given one question related to the answers they gave in the classroom that semester. Players’ exam scores in Persona 3 Reload are determined by giving the correct answers to the questions, and their academics social stat.

Players need to raise their academics social stat in order to finish at the top of their class. Even if the player chooses all the correct answers during gameplay, if they don’t have a high enough academics stat, they will not finish at the top of their class.

Here are the correct answers for all midterms and finals in Persona 3 Reload.

Persona 3 Reload May midterm exam answers

  • 5/19- May Blues
  • 5/20- A pendulum
  • 5/21- Electricity
  • 5/22- Jomon

Persona 3 Reload July final exam answers

  • 7/14- Dowsing
  • 7/15- An error in translation
  • 7/16- Taira no Masakado
  • 7/17- Comma splice

Persona 3 Reload October midterm exam answers

  • 10/13- Addiction
  • 10/14- Pythagoras
  • 10/15- Superconductivity
  • 10/16- To reveal a secret

Persona 3 Reload December final exam answers

  • 12/14- The number zero
  • 12/15- Maltose
  • 12/16- Venus
  • 12/17- Murasaki no Ue
  • 12/18- Geeses

Persona 3 Reload offers new study group events before tests

Prior to Persona 3 Reload’s exams, players have the opportunity to take part in study groups with their party members. Players should make sure to take advantage of this.

Persona 3 Reload Study Group

In the days before each exam period, party members can be found in the dorm studying together. These are invaluable as they offer a large boost to the academics social stat for free. Players should make sure to participate as the benefit from studying in a group is greater than studying alone or visiting Wakatsu Restaurant. It’s also free, which is particularly nice given how players will often find themselves cash-strapped during the game.

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