Plants vs Zombies 3: Release date details and who can play now

plants vs zombies 3

EA has announced the soft launch of Plants vs Zombies 3 in select locations, but many in America, Canada, and other countries are wondering when it will arrive.

The game was announced five years ago and now the full launch is near. However, some gamers can try the game out before its full global release. The soft launch is available in several markets, with more locations to follow over the coming months. EA encouraged players in the official post to be vocal about their experience and provide feedback. 

EA announced the title in 2019 with the pre-alpha build being made available on the Google Play Store. The Plants vs Zombies 3 soft launch has the near-finished build of the game, letting players enjoy something akin to the full experience. 

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When is Plants vs Zombies 3?

Players in the UK, Netherlands, Australia, the Philippines, and Ireland can play Plants vs Zombies 3 on iOS and Android as of January 17, but EA gave no estimate for when it will be playable in the United States, Canada, or other markets.

The rest of the world has to wait as EA promises more countries will have access to the title at a later date. No confirmed dates, regions, or platforms have been announced as of yet. Some eager gamers have reported gaining access to the game using VPNs and changing their regions. Players not willing to jump through hoops will just have to wait a little longer. The blog post also mentioned developer interviews, behind-the-scene looks at upcoming content, and player spotlights in the coming months. 

The launch of a sequel to the iconic tower defense series begins what is set to be a big year for mobile games, with other major releases lined up including Valorant Mobile and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. 

Is Plants vs Zombies 3 free to play?

Plants vs Zombies 3 is free to play, but has microtransactions.

Like previous games in the series, the sequel is a tower defense game featuring plants fighting against hoards of zombies. EA states the game will have “new and returning characters” and the gameplay will still retain the “classic combat of the first game.” The title is also touted as a story-driven experience and will have an episodic narrative that’ll introduce players to new play areas. 

The original game was priced at a flat fee of $2.99. Plants vs Zombies 2 went free to play after EA acquired developer PopCap Games. Plants vs Zombies started on PC and Mac and made its way to consoles, but is now a mobile-first title. It’s unclear whether Plants vs Zombies 3 will receive a console or PC release.

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