Refurbished Steam Decks are now available, but are they worth it?

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Valve has started selling refurbished Steam Decks at a substantial discount, but how reliable are they and are they worth the price?

The Steam Deck launched on February 25, 2022 and instantly became popular among gamers that loved portability. The demand for a dedicated handheld gaming PC was already there but Valve captured the market with Steam Deck’s aggressive pricing and UI that directly integrates the user’s Steam account. There are loads of great games that run well on Steam Deck, and some titles like Vampire Survivors benefitted from how well they played on it.

While refurbished technology isn’t unusual, what can fans expect here? And does the discount justify taking the risk? Here are the prices, warranty, and details on refurbished Steam Decks.

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Refurbished Steam Deck price list

Refurbished Steam Decks are 20% cheaper than a brand-new model.

There are three different models of Steam Deck available and all three can potentially be purchased as a refurb. The price cut is consistent across all models. This allows gamers to get a powerful portable PC for as cheap as $319. Here’s the complete breakdown by price:


A refurbished unit also comes with a refurbished power supply that is fully tested but may have cosmetic damage. The unit also comes with a carrying case and a quick start guide, similar to a new unit.

The biggest issue with buying a refurb is supply. Valve warns about low stocks, so there may be a wait when it comes to getting a specific model.

Are refurbished Steam Decks worth it?

Steam Deck creator Valve insists that refurbished units are fully functional, but may have slight cosmetic damage. If true, this does make for a great value for gamers looking for a Steam Deck.

Valve ensures the refurbished units won’t be broken or faulty. It says that each Steam Deck is “fully tested” to ensure it’s as good as new. The discounted price might help bring more gamers to the Steam ecosystem. Valve detailed what this testing entails, and stated that it ensured quality in the following areas:

  • Controller inputs and buttons
  • Audio system
  • Screen
  • Internal components
  • Battery

Refurbished Steam Decks have a one-year warranty, the same as a new unit. This gives players a bit of insurance should things go awry.

The company announced that Gamestop will sell refurbished Steam Decks at select stores. Those units are refurbished by GameStop and come with a different warranty. 

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