Rise of the Ronin makes romance changes, adds new missions

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The May 22 Rise of the Ronin update is shaking up its romance system by making breakups hurt less and is offering players more missions to tackle. 

Rise of the Ronin’s launch didn’t go as PlayStation was hoping. However, the developers at Team Ninja are fleshing out the game months later. Team Ninja is known for making semi-open world games with complex combat systems. Its last game, Nioh, was praised for its challenging but rewarding combat loop, directly inspired by FromSoftware games. 

At launch, Rise of the Ronin was marred by performance issues and generally lacked the polish of first-party Sony games, compounding unflattering comparisons with the now-beloved Ghost of Tsushima. Thankfully, Team Ninja is keen on improving the game with patches and content updates, improving the game at all levels. 

Rise of the Ronin update makes failed romance less painful

Previously, when players broke up with a character, they lost all enthusiasm during the dialog. The latest patch improves the issue, making breakups less painful. 

Rise of the Ronin features a romance system that lets players get cozy with in-game characters. While the romance is not as fleshed out as in other games, it still offers gameplay benefits. Romanced characters usually give the player in-game gifts. Once fully romanced, the characters‘ dialog is changed to be more excited to see the player. 

Previously, if a breakup happened, NPCs lost all excitement in conversations. For example, Ryoma says an enthusiastic “Heyyyy” when fully romanced and reverts to just a cold “Hey” after a breakup. Breakups in the game do not have gameplay disadvantages, but the behavior change is designed to make players feel bad. Thankfully, the greetings will return to normal with the new patch. 

Rise of the Ronin patch brings training partners and new missions

The new Rise of the Ronin update brings dojo training partners and adds five new ally missions.

Sparring in a dojo will get exciting with the addition of training partners. Rise of the Ronin features ally missions that players can undertake to establish new bonds and strengthen old ones. The latest patch will bring five new ones to undertake. 

The patch will also improve gameplay. It will make selecting asynchronous characters easier, give special equipment if a player doesn’t confess, and add a martial skill type bonus to the game. The Rise of the Ronin patch will be released next week.

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