Skyrim Together modder kills co-op mod for “trash” Starfield

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One of the developers behind the massive Skyrim Together co-op multiplayer mod has nixed their work on a similar co-op mod for Starfield because they say the game is “trash.”

It’s no secret that Starfield has had a less-than-ideal year. When the game isn’t getting bombarded by negative reviews from disappointed fans, it’s in the news because of its sagging player count. The most recent hit to the game comes in the form of a potential multiplayer mod developed by the same team as Skyrim Together being abandoned.

Skyrim Together is one of the most ambitious Skyrim mods out there, allowing players to enjoying the beloved Elder Scrolls RPG Skyrim alongside their friends. While a Skyrim Together developer had also started working on a similar co-op mod for the newest Bethesda game, Starfield, they have since then given up, stating that the game isn’t worth the effort.

Developer behind Skyrim Together gives up on co-op Starfield mod

One of the developers behind Skyrim Together, Cosideci, announced they had scrapped plans and ended work on a co-op mod for Starfield.

Cosideci stated that they were looking forward to creating a multiplayer mod for a game that fans expected to be “Skyrim in space.” While they had already ported about 70% of Skyrim Together’s code to Starfield Together, they gave up when they came to the conclusion that the game is “f***ing trash.”

They noted that they had started on the project before even playing the game. Everything went downhill after giving the self-proclaimed Game of the Year a try. 

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“The game is boring, bland, and the main draw of Bethesda games, exploration in a lively and handcrafted world, was completely gone. Anyways, everyone already knows this, most people agree…I’m not gonna put my heart and soul into a mod for a game as mediocre as this,” their announcement on Discord stated.

Bethesda revealed aggressive plans to improve Starfield in terms of fixing its UI, adding new ways to travel, and more. Whether this fixes the core issues that different fans have is another question, however.

Will there be a Starfield co-op mod?

There is currently no multiplayer mod for Starfield, and it’s unknown whether there will be one.

While Cosideci gave up on Starfield Together, they uploaded all of their work online for someone else to finish. It’s uncertain whether anyone will take up the daunting task and how many people would even be capable of doing so.

At the end of their Discord announcement, the Skyrim Together modder said that they made it “open source in case anyone wants to finish it.” The problem is that they say there’s still over 100 hours’ worth of work left to do before it’s finished. Despite having 70% of Skryim Together’s code implemented, the mod is still not playable.

There have already been multiple mods created for Starfield and the game is getting official mod support in 2024, which means a different co-op mod may come out eventually. However, it remains to be seen whether anyone continues Cosideci’s work to complete Starfield Together.

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