STPeach joins husband on Twitch to announce pregnancy

stpeach pregnancy announcement

Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta has announced she is pregnant alongside her husband on Twitch.

STPeach is a popular streamer on Twitch, but briefly disappeared from the platform. For her triumphant return, she excitedly announced her pregnancy to viewers after apologizing for her recent absence from the platform. She hadn’t streamed from August 30 to September 26.

For a long while, she was known for risque cosplay and outfits which resulted in multiple bans in 2022. STPeach announced that she will no longer create adult-oriented content in August 2023, citing mental health reasons for the decision.

When is STPeach’s baby coming?

STPeach’s baby is expected to be born in April 2024. She confirmed the news during the stream.

The couple also excitedly shared an ultrasound of their baby on stream. The child’s gender is currently unknown, but she says they’ll have news on that front by October 1.

It’s clear that this decision has given her a new spark, hence her return to streaming. Fans showed their support on Twitch and across the internet. Announcement of the pregnancy was met with joy from a variety of fellow streamers and content creators including Youna “CodeMiko” Kang, JustaMinx, and the Cloud9 organization.

Who is STPeach’s husband?

STPeach is married to a man named Jay Chae.

The couple have been public about their relationship for some time now, with Chae appearing alongside her in some videos. STPeach stated that they met in the classic browser game Maple Story in 2012, but Jay initiate anything romantically until October 2016. They tied the knot in May 2019, where she wore the traditional Korean hanbok for the occasion.

STPeach also thanked fans for their support throughout the years. She says that even though she experienced harassment after her marriage, she ignored the hate, stated that she finds some of the insults amusing, and said it doesn’t impact her relationship with her husband.

Will STPeach continue streaming while pregnant?

STPeach will continue creating content while pregnant, but it’s likely that her content will change to some degree.

Online gaming, fitness, and travel are all go-to genres for STPeach, with fitness and travel being more challenging while pregnant. Medical professionals recommend against certain exercises and over-exertion while carrying, and pregnant women are discouraged from flying regularly or traveling during a certain point in the pregnancy. Fans will likely continue seeing her appear on Twitch and YouTube, but adjustments will likely be made over time.

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