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The latest rules update on Twitch meant to combat a new streaming meta has seemingly claimed another victim, with popular streamer StrawberryTabby being banned from the platform.

Twitch made clear that it was unhappy with some of the latest streaming meta trends when it updated its rules and policies in March. This update immediately led to bans for a number of popular streamers on the platform. Now, it looks like the number of affected streamers is going to continue to grow.

Why was StrawberryTabby banned on Twitch?

StrawberryTabby took to X soon after her Twitch ban to insinuate that she was banned for exposing her body on stream. This would align with recent updates to Twitch’s terms of service for streamers, which prevent streams from focusing on “intimate parts” of a person’s body.

Many of the details around the rule are kept purposefully vague. There is no set standard for how long streamers may or may not focus on any particular part, on even exactly which parts of the body count as “intimate” by the streaming platform’s definition.

Regardless of the particulars, the recent wave of bans has made it clear that many streamers are already running afoul of the rules. StrawberryTabby did not share exactly what led to her ban, but her frustration and her asking fans to find her on other platforms left little doubt as to the reasoning.

As for that reasoning, fans shouldn’t expect Twitch to come through with a more specific explanation any time soon. The platform has been resolute in not providing detailed explanations to the public as to why it bans some streamers and not others, or to account for how long some of those bans last.

StrawberryTabby has herself been banned from Twitch on eight prior occasions. Prior to her most recent ban in March, none of those bans had lasted for longer than a few days. Her March ban lasted for a full week, leading to speculation that this latest ban in April might last even longer.

Fans will simply have to wait and find out. Unless StrawberryTabby is informed of her exact ban length and chooses to share that information, the only way to know how long she is suspended from the streaming platform will be to monitor the status of her account.

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