AFK Journey: All you need to know for the popular idle RPG

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The long-awaited sequel to idle RPG AFK Arena, AFK Journey, is coming and details on its free-to-play status and gacha mechanics have been made official.

There are a crush of major free-to-play games ranging from Wuthering Waves to Skate 4. Published by Farlight Games, AFK Journey transports the player into a fantasy world known as Esperia. Players take on the role of the legendary Merlin as they explore a mysterious fantasy setting and engage in both PvE and PvP modes.

Fans of AFK Arena will appreciate the much grander scope of AFK Journey. Still, there are new mechanics, gameplay systems, and factions to delve into for both AFK Arena veterans and new players alike.

Is AFK Journey free-to-play?

AFK Journey is free to play on iOS, Android, and PC and supports cross-play and cross-progress, a handy feature for players with multiple devices.

As an idle RPG, much of AFK Journey’s gameplay is a blend of active combat and idle grinding. The expanded open world means there’s much more to explore even on idle time.

Farlight Games also seemingly had more opportunity to invest in the game’s looks, as it boasts a striking art style reminiscent of painted canvas. Not to mention, the game features fully voice-acted cutscenes while trekking through story events. Farlight Games will continuously update AFK Journey every quarter, with the first update expected on May 2024.

Afk Journey Characters

AFK Journey gacha and pity system details

Players acquire heroes in AFK Journey through a gacha system using in-game currency.

Equipment can be acquired via quest rewards or manually forged with in-game currency. There are currently three unique summoning banners for heroes in AFK Journey

All-Hero Recruitment is the standard banner, where every non-Celestial/Hypogean character can be found. A single summon is 300 diamonds, while 10 at once costs 2,700 diamonds. AFK Journey’s pity system guarantees an S-Grade hero after 60 pulls from All-Hero Recruitment.

Rate-Up Recruitment is the event banner for new heroes, or existing heroes with a higher rate of drop. It costs the same as All-Hero Recruitment. The pity system guarantees a rate-up hero after 40 pulls from this banner.

Finally, the Epic Recruitment banner has the best rates of all the banners for high-grade heroes, but only “Epic Invitation Letters” can be used to roll. Pity rewards start at 10 pulls and rise to 30 once an S-level hero is acquired.

As for equipment, the new class-based equipment system means players simply need to collect gear as they progress through the game, and characters will automatically wear them in combat. They can be switched out before every battle. These items can drop from quest rewards or be crafted at the Forge. 

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