Switch 2 Joy-Cons reportedly has new features, 3 new buttons

switch 2 joycons new buttons magnets backwards compatible

A Chinese gaming peripheral manufacturer released loads of information regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 including its new Joy-Cons, backwards compatibility, and more.

Nintendo reportedly hosted a hands-on demo of Switch 2 hardware with peripheral manufacturers. While this is normal, what was unusual was the extreme degree of secrecy with which Nintendo handled the meeting. This is said to have included a “mystery box” approach where partners could touch the Switch 2 by sticking their hands into an opaque container.

It’s a silly idea in practice but Nintendo may have been justified in taking this approach. That’s because a third-party controller manufacturer in China dumped loads of details on the Switch 2’s Joy-Cons as well as the console’s backwards compatibility capabilities.

Nintendo Switch 2 Joy-Cons will reportedly have multiple new buttons

Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly have three new buttons and new triggers.

This comes from Mobapad, a China-based manufacturer of gaming hardware including controllers for the Nintendo Switch. The company makes both pro controllers and Joy-Cons including the MoPai line of peripherals, and confirmed that it is actively working on hardware for the next-gen Nintendo console.

The company posted a roundup of information on its Bilibili page regarding the upcoming console. Included in that were details regarding changes to the Nintendo Switch 2 Joy-Cons.

The new controllers are said to have a total of three new buttons. Two will be on the backside of the controllers behind either trigger. The third will be on the front of the right-side Joy-Con, beneath the existing home button.

switch 2 joycon new button location right joycon
Reported new button location

The function of these buttons isn’t specified, but the most likely possibility for the back buttons is that they will be “paddle” buttons. Paddles are buttons located on the back of a controller that allow players to keep both thumbs on the analog sticks while pressing buttons. They’re especially useful in shooters like Fortnite, allowing players to keep their sights on enemies without having to worry about changing to a claw grip every time they need to jump.

This style of button was long restricted to premium controllers but has become more common in recent years. Many third-party controllers for the Switch have them, as do most portable PCs.

switch 2 joycon new button location right joycon
Reported new button location

The company also corroborated some of the details discussed in other recent reports. This includes magnetic locks for Nintendo Switch 2 Joy-Cons that will either replace or work with latches similar to those of the existing console. Alongside this is a reported size increase for both the system’s screen and the Joy-Cons.

Will Switch 2 be compatible with Switch 1 controllers?

The Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly have the capability of being backwards compatible with existing pro controllers and Joy-Cons.

This might not be surprising to longtime Nintendo fans, but is still likely welcome news. Since the Nintendo Wii, the company has allowed gamers to bring forward some or all of their hardware from the previous generation. Even with the Switch, accessories like Gamecube controller adapters from the Wii U could be freely plugged into the dock.

Given the sheer number of Switch accessories that are already available and purchased by players, this will save players loads of money if true.

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