Street Fighter 6 to get Akuma battle pass, but when is he coming?

Akuma official art for Street Fighter 6

According to recent leaks, the upcoming battle pass for Street Fighter 6 will likely focus on Akuma, whose release date inches closer. 

Akuma has evolved from a secret character to an undisputed icon among Street Fighter fans. The raging demon’s presence in Tekken 7 reminded fans of how intimidating the martial arts master was, even outside his franchise. His absence in Street Fighter 6’s base roster had fans initially worried about the character’s future.

Fortunately, Capcom announced Akuma as part of Street Fighter 6’s Season 1 DLC lineup, alongside Rashid, AKI, and Ed. Akuma will be the final DLC fighter for Street Fighter 6 Season 1. Capcom dropped a teaser trailer for Akuma in March 2024 to remind fans of this, and to give a glimpse at what the series’ archvillain will look like. Since then, more details have leaked about the monstrous fighter.

A much older Akuma enters the fray in Street Fighter 6’s upcoming Battle Pass

A leaker has found Akuma’s Battle Pass artwork, potentially alongside his Critical Art.

The Battle Pass illustration depicts a heavily muscled Akuma with visibly gray hair. Ironically, the new look almost makes him resemble Gouken, Ryu and Ken’s former master who was playable in Street Fighter 4, whom he nearly killed in a duel. 

Like previous DLC Fighters, a Battle Pass themed around Akuma will likely drop before his release. The Fighting Pass traditionally offers rewards based on the theme character’s aesthetic and fighting style. The Fighting Pass also offers “rental tickets,” which allow players to test out DLC characters before purchase. Given Akuma’s popularity in the Street Fighter franchise, expect a massive influx of players.

When is Akuma coming out in Street Fighter 6?

Akuma will debut on Street Fighter 6 in Spring 2024, likely in May.

Capcom confirmed Akuma’s Spring 2024 release in the initial Season 1 DLC announcement. However, Spring’s end fast approaches and Akuma is still nowhere to be seen. The likely reason for this is to coincide his release with the upcoming EVO Japan 2024. 

EVO Japan 2024 starts on April 27, 2024, and will end on April 29, 2024. A gameplay trailer of Akuma will likely drop during the EVO event. Capcom also announced that local fans can try out Akuma early in a “Real Battle Hub.” Capcom will hold the trial in Gamagori from May 1 to May 6, 2024. The rest of the world won’t have to wait long to try out Akuma for themselves. 

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